The marriage story of Ron Howard and his high school sweetheart Cheryl Alley is a love story for the ages. Below is everything you need to know about their relationship.

The 68-year-old Ron Howard can be called a Hollywood icon. Ron is best known as an actor for his role in the sitcom Happy Days. He has directed several Academy Award-winning films, including Apollo 13 and A Beautiful Mind. Supporting Ron throughout his colorful career was his wife Cheryl Alley, 69, who now bears her husband’s last name. They met when they were still teenagers in high school. ” We met her, and there was no one else,” Ron told People in a 2019 interview.

Spouses Ron and Cheryl have been married for over 45 years and have four children, including actress and director Bryce Dallas Howard. Ron and Cheryl’s marriage is truly a love story for the ages. Please keep reading to learn more about their relationship!

Who is Cheryl Howard?

Cheryl Howard is an actress and writer. According to IMDb, she has appeared in movies directed by Ron, such as The Da Vinci Code, Angels and Demons, and Hillbilly Elegy. She also played herself in an episode of the TV series Arrested Development in 2018. Cheryl has written her novel In The Face of Jinn, inspired by stories she heard as a child. Cheri’s bio on her website reveals more about her, including that she grew up in California with two sisters. She earned a bachelor’s degree in psychology in college and then a Master of Fine Arts in screenwriting.

How did Ron and Cheryl meet?

They met at John Burroughs High School in Burbank, California. In a 2013 interview with HuffPost. Ron recalled the beginning of their relationship. He noted, “I felt fortunate when we met. It was wild – we were teenagers, it wasn’t supposed to work out. We married in our teens, which wasn’t supposed to work, but it still did.”

Their first date was November 1, 1970, which Ron recalled on his Instagram 50 years later. ” Went to see a re-release of Stanley Kramer’s “It’s a Crazy Crazy Crazy World” and then had pizza at the now defunct Barnone’s in Toluca Lake. Not a bad start, right?” – says the actor and director.

Ron and Cheryl’s marriage

Dating for five years, Ron and Cheryl wed on June 7, 1975. Over the past decades, Ron has often spoken about his love for his wife. He even shared the secret to their long-lasting marriage.

“People ask, ‘How did you do it? There’s no technique. There are no tactics other than communication that is very important,” Ron told PEOPLE in a 2019 interview. ” You have to learn how to communicate and have difficult conversations constructively. Also, there’s an element of luck because people either grow together or don’t, and I don’t think it can be done forcibly.”

Ron always remembers that Cheryl is highly supportive of her husband’s career. “She is incredibly supportive and always has been,” the Oscar nominee told PEOPLE. “Our compatibility has been through the roof.”

Ron and Cheryl’s children

Ron and Cheryl’s family has four children. The oldest of them, daughter Bryce Dallas, is 41 years old. They also have twin daughters Paige and Jocelyn, who are 37 each, and son Reid, who is 35.

Bryce is by far the most famous of all the children. She is an acclaimed actress and director, having starred in films such as The Help, The Rocketeer, and the Jurassic World franchise. She has also directed several episodes of the Disney+ series The Mandalorian. Bryce is married to actor Seth Gabel, and they have two children.

Paige is also an actress and has appeared in films such as Adventureland and The Employer. She married Tim Abu-Nasr in May 2022, with her father officiating. Paige’s twin Joslyn has chosen a career outside of Hollywood, though he did star in an episode of Arrested Development in 2018. Lastly, Reed is a professional golfer and YouTuber. On his official channel called Reed Howard Golf, he shares golf videos.