A video that has gone viral, watched by thousands of people, shows the monarch kissing Princess Diana several times and viewers blushing.

King Charles kissing causes internet fury as fans lament ‘awkward’ kisses

The video, viewed by thousands of people, shows the monarch kissing Princess Diana in several places and viewers blushing.

King Charles arrives at the French Senate.

King Charles III kissing ex-wife Princess Diana has gone public after fans of the royal family lamented his “awkward” kisses in a video posted on TikTok.

Spouses Charles and Diana were married for 15 years before their divorce was finalized in 1996 – four years after their separation in 1992.

During their public relationship, they became one of the world’s most recognized and discussed couples – both in the UK and abroad.

And even though their relationship eventually ended, during their time together, they showed tenderness many times during their public appearances.

Nevertheless, a video on TikTok featuring Charles and Diana’s most famous kisses has divided the opinion of viewers who found the 74-year-old couple’s behavior somewhat awkward.

The video, published on TikTok by the Remembering Diana account, is accompanied by the caption, “Kissing is getting more and more awkward.”

Nearly 75,000 people have liked the video, and thousands have left their opinions on the intimate encounters below.

In the comments, many said Diana “deserved so much more,” referring to the fact that her marriage to Charles had broken up.

One wrote: “She was so beautiful.”

A second noted that the video was “painful to watch” because “she deserved better and he deserved to have who he wanted” – referring to Charles’ desire to be with Camilla, who he would one day marry.

Another participant said, “I want them to be happy together.”

And someone fifth wrote: “I remember the day she was gone….. She had more class and elegance than the whole royal family put together.”

Among the kisses Charles bestowed on his adoring public was when Spice girl Geri Horner called him “a very modern royal” in 1997, after which she smacked him on each cheek.

During a photo shoot after a meeting at the 21st anniversary of The Prince’s Trust, Charles was hilariously captured with red lipstick on his cheek after being kissed by the group that coined the name Girl Power.