We can guess the reasons for the feud, but what should end it?

Journalist Kate Mancy on the relationship between Princes Harry and William.

Princes William and Harry don’t talk, and both have their reasons. William is believed to be upset that Harry has stepped away from his royal duties and moved to the US. Meanwhile, Harry is thought to resent William for not being accountable for his actions, particularly for avoiding his then-girlfriend and now-wife, Meghan Markle. Of course, all of this is for a reason, but much remains behind closed (palace) doors. The couple’s claims are valid but can be categorized as sibling rivalry, which is deeply rooted but still fixable.

Where did it all start?

There are several assumptions about this, but the main one is that William did not initially support Harry and Meghan’s relationship. According to royal reporter Katie Nicholl, William gave Harry some brotherly advice, paraphrased as “William was quite concerned that the relationship was progressing so quickly.

Being the closest person to Harry, he was probably the only person close enough to say to Harry, ‘It seems to be going fast, are you sure?'”.” Perhaps Harry would have heeded his words or just shrugged it off, but things went his way, and he and Meghan were married in 2018.

As it turned out, an Oprah interview in 2021 put the issue to rest. In 2023, Harry wrote in his memoir Spare that William “lunged” at him and “grabbed him by the shirt twice” in response to Harry talking about personal family matters on national television. The Netflix documentary “Harry and Meghan” cemented this nasty relationship.

How long will this continue?

If we start counting from 2018, this has happened for six years. At this point, it is a stalemate with no end in sight.

According to The Daily Mail, a source said, “The Prince is very private, and what Harry does is anathema to everything he believes in. Many believe he is unlikely to repair his relationship with them.”

However, there is hope: during the altercation, both brothers shouted “I love you” to each other, so perhaps reconciliation is possible. 

Royal specialist and former BBC journalist Michael Cole told the Express newspaper in July 2023, ” It has to end.” The bitter rivalry between the royal princes cannot go on forever. The most William and Harry could do to honor their mother (Princess Diana) is to bury their differences right now.“

Is this a good thing for both brothers?

In the latest episode of Royalty Obsessed, The Palace Papers, author Tina Brown talks about how close the brothers were and how much they need each other, “I think people underestimate how hard it is for William. I don’t think he looks pleased, to be honest. Even though everything is fine between them, he misses Harry.”

The doctor speculates why their once unbreakable bond was so strong, “Those two were the only people who knew what it was like to be them.

And ultimately, Harry was the only person who could talk to William absolutely as an equal. Everyone else was a subordinate. No one understands what it’s like to be William … except Harry.”

Lingering resentments are unhealthy and can cause permanent damage. Psychology Today contributor Suzanne Degges-White, Ph., elaborates on this idea by saying, “Instead of expending energy on resentment and the specific object of our discontent, we displace the healthy and positive feelings we normally have for those we care about.”

If anything, it’s not just about the brothers: Brown emphasizes Harry’s role in the royal family, saying, “They need Harry in the repertoire. He fit perfectly into the cast – people loved him, he was funny, he brought a different tone, he could travel the world. Thanks to Harry, they had a completely different skill set, which I think they’re sorely lacking now. It adds to the pain of it all for William.”