“When people saw this man walking a pack of six German Shepherd dogs without a leash, they marveled at the dogs’ blind obedience. At times, they even thought that this man had tortured the dogs into compliance. Yet when they finally learned his secret, they were shocked and amazed.

People were amazed when they saw Augusto de Oliveira on the streets of Hyannis, Massachusetts. A twenty-five-year-old man was walking with a large group of German shepherd dogs huddled together. At a glance, it was obvious that the dogs were working as a unit, demonstrating incredible cohesion and discipline, and in the center stood Augusto, their proud master, who had the honor of being the leader of the pack.

Many people had these dogs, but none had ever been able to train them like Augusto and his pack of German Shepherds.

But when the assembled men dared to get closer to the pack, they discovered something incredible yet unusual. There was not a single German Shepherd on a leash, but they all moved as if they were bound together by the harness that holds a sled team together.

Residents watched in awe as Augusto and his dogs walked the streets and parks of Hyannis daily. Some were so impressed by this unusual behavior that they often asked to have their picture taken. On one command, Augusto could make the dogs stop abruptly and take a picture.

In the evenings, the self-proclaimed sleuths would spend hours outside his apartment, peering through the curtains and listening for any clue explaining how such a nobleman made all those ferocious dogs obey him.

One such neighbor was a curious woman who devoted her life to rescuing homeless animals. She was convinced that Augusto used stun collars to make his dogs obey.

Augusto would have dispelled all these doubts if he had spoken clearly about his training methods. However, when asked about it, he remained very secretive.

As a child, Augusto grew up among German Shepherds, a herding breed known for its bravery and loyalty. It was this blind devotion that led the police to investigate an elaborate allegation of possible animal cruelty.

When police officers entered his apartment, they were stunned by what they saw. Augusto and his dogs led an unusual and outlandish lifestyle. There was no visible kennel or pen where Griffin, Harmony, Jenna, Priscilla, Hannah, and Savannah slept. On the contrary, all the dogs shared the same bed with Augusto. The couch and the rug were off-limits to Augusto’s companions and friends. This was a man who ate and breathed dogs.

Without evidence, the police turned to animal experts who closely observed Augusto for several days.

The good news was that the police found no signs of neglect or abuse of the German Shepherd dogs. On the contrary, they were animals living in canine paradise.

Although Augusto was uncomfortable that people thought so poorly of him, he found a positive side to this strange situation.

As a result, Augusto opened a kennel of sheepdogs of the Griffon breed, where he devoted all his time and energy to training the dogs to be very disciplined and obedient to their owners. Most owners sent their puppies to Augusto, and in just a few weeks, they received obedient, fully-trained dogs that quickly adapted to small apartments or any other conditions. The owner has trained all breeds of dogs, but his specialty has been German Shepherds.

He keeps his training methods a secret but willingly shares that his dogs see him as part of the pack.

Not only can Augusto drive his six German Shepherds off-leash through the streets of Hyannis, but he says he can walk up to 15 dogs at a time without any accidents. Recently, he has even taken to the streets of Boston, where his dogs behaved very disciplined despite the intense noise and utterly different environment.

He had gained an exceptional reputation for his methods and has become an internet sensation since 2013 when one of his videos went viral.