The video is called so because the cat sits on the man’s head, just like in the cartoon.

In the video, a rat struggles to come to terms with the life of a rodent. In addition, his love of delicious food has made the rat hope that his “strange dream” of becoming a chef in Paris might come true, so the adventure begins.” This may sound similar to you. That’s right, you guessed it, we’re talking about the 2007 classic movie Ratatouille. Are you puzzled as to why? It’s because we may have found a cat version of ‘Ratatouille,’ and the Internet has dubbed it ‘Cotatouille. ‘Pawfect, have we heard? A video of a cat helping its friend with cooking has surfaced on the Internet. The video got its name because the cat is sitting on the human’s head, just like in the cartoon.

The plot of the clip begins with the man and the cat being in the kitchen and preparing to make something like a sandwich. At this time, the cat is sitting on the man’s shoulders, and there are slices of bread, cheese, and sauces on a cutting board. The man first brings a piece of bread up to the cat. Without touching or licking it with his tongue, the cat sniffs it, which looks like approval. The next man brings up a slice of cheese, and the cat repeats the sniffing gesture.

The clip quickly garnered attention online. The crazy viral video caused a storm of memes in the comments. In other words, several users compared the cat to their furry friend. One person said: “My cat won’t even let me hug him.”

Another exclaimed: “Oh, that’s micromanagement.”

Naturally, food inspectors found themselves in the comments, asking, “What about cat hair in food?”

The video caused many to walk down memory lane and recall the rat and the cook in the movie Ratatouille practicing at home with a blindfold. 

“Need a blindfold,” one comment read.

In the comments, many noted that this clip gave us a story, and now a movie needs to be made. “Now a movie is needed!!!!”.

The video has been viewed more than ten million times.