In her interview, Victoria explained why she wasn’t happy with the news of David’s plans.

The highly anticipated Beckham documentary on Netflix is already a big hit with viewers.

Fans are sharing their thoughts on some previously unknown anecdotes from the famous soccer player’s career, which caused a strong reaction on social networks.

In particular, one of the moments in the series that has gotten a lot of publicity is when former Spice star Victoria talked about her anger over a photo her estranged husband David took with Jennifer Lopez for a commercial.

The singer-turned-fashion designer was pregnant with Cruz Beckham in 2005, and doctors set her a date for a cesarean section in a Madrid hospital. The girl informed him about the possible delivery date, and he replied that he already had commitments as he would star in a Pepsi commercial featuring famous singers.

” I need to start with Jennifer Lopez and Beyonce,” David explained.

Victoria was overjoyed beyond words.

“I was like, ‘Are you…? Seriously, I’m about to burst, I’m on bed rest, are you kidding me?” – Victoria shared. I told Victoria. Told Victoria. ” You are conducting a freaking photo shoot with Jennifer Lopez, who is beautiful and will not give birth.”

“Then I had a C-section, and I remember lying there not feeling the most beautiful, let’s just say, and I remember someone showing me the front page of the newspaper, which had a beautiful picture of David between Jennifer Lopez and Beyoncé, and the headline read: “What Would Posh Say?

” Let me tell you what Posh would have said,” the former singer added, “Posh was pissed.”