For the first time, supermodel Victoria Beckham commented on the problematic period of 20 years ago, when the media accused her footballer husband, David Beckham, of “cheating” with his assistant Rebecca Loos. For decades, the couple has not responded to the rumors in public and has now decided only to describe their relationship struggles.

Victoria Beckham and her husband’s most challenging relationship was in 2003 when the soccer legend was still playing for Real Madrid. About what they experienced, the stars told in a new documentary series about their lives, which was released on Netflix, writes the Daily Mail.

Recall that the story of “betrayal” began twenty years ago, when one of the tabloids published that Beckham was cheating on his wife. As alleged, the new romantic interest of the star was his assistant model Rebecca Loos. Public confirmation of this information was given by the “mistress” herself, who boasted that she had slept with the married Beckham, who denied everything.

The media picked this news up, and the paparazzi attacked the family. However, the blow to the Beckhams was not the attention of journalists but the undermining of the family’s credibility. About whether there was an affair, the lovers did not tell, but judging by their words, the marriage was hanging by a thread. At the same time, the tabloids dug up several more stories about the athlete’s infidelity.

” This was the most difficult period for us. Before that, we often felt like the whole world was against us, but we always had each other …. In Spain, however, it was as if that bond had been severed. And it was sad. “I can.” I can’t explain how hard it was and how it affected me,” Victoria Beckham tearfully admitted.

At the time, her husband was also going through a difficult period. Every day, he saw his wife broken and later found himself alone, as she stayed in England, and Beckham built his career in Spain. At the same time, due to family problems, the footballer could not concentrate on work.

” When we woke up, we felt that we were not losing each other, but drowning. I don’t know how we got through it. Victoria is everything to me. Watching her suffer was incredibly hard, but we are fighters. And at that moment, we had to fight for each other and our family,” Beckham recalled.

The lovers resolved the situation only after moving to the United States, where they bought a house and found themselves in an English-speaking environment. After that, the family stayed in different parts of the world until they finally moved to England.

Where is Rebecca Loos now?

Now, the former Beckham assistant lives in Norway with her doctor husband. The woman has long ago acquired a family and even managed to give birth to her favorite children. Currently, according to rumors, the former model, who earned a lot of money from the scandal with the footballer, leads a private life and is engaged in social networks.

According to the source, David Beckham married singer and fashion designer Victoria on July 4, 1999. On their 24th wedding anniversary, the star couple showed how they looked at the beginning of their affair.