The royal family has a whole set of rules that everyone who is a part of it must follow. However, you should have realized how familiar and strange some rules are, especially for people like Kate Middleton.

The Duchess must wear a hat.

For previous decades, a woman who went out in public without a hat was considered indecent. Due to this, women from the royal family, such as Kate Middleton, are encouraged to wear hats when they go out.

If an event takes place indoors or outdoors, she can replace the hat with a tiara when going from one place to another.

Kate is not allowed to play Monopoly.

At one time, Prince Andrew informed the world that they do not play competitive games such as Monopoly for fear of family discord due to excessive competition.

Kate is not allowed to play Monopoly.

She must be an expert on the royal wave.

A whole set of rules is associated with the Windsor wave that Kate must always follow. Such a wave is meant to look more elegant and avoid straining her wrists (due to excessive flapping).

No brightly colored nail polish is allowed on the nails.

Surprisingly, the rules are so specific that they prohibit the Duchess from wearing brightly colored nail polish. She is only allowed to wear delicate and traditional colors.

This rule also applies to hair color, so you probably won’t see the Duchess with brightly colored hair or nail polish anytime soon.

Fur is strictly forbidden.

As of 2019, if you’re a royal family member, you’re not allowed to wear natural fur.

Although Kate Middleton may be discouraged by the sight of a “fur” hat, it is faux fur, which is perfectly legal and not against any rules.

For the Princess of Wales, it is essential to remain neutral at all times

They cannot express their opinions on politics or political situations, especially when addressing the media. They should not make their political views known to the whole world.

She should always be ready in an all-black outfit.

Nothing is more critical to a royal family member than being ready for an event. As a result, when the Princess of Wales goes abroad, she takes an all-black outfit with her. This is all in case any member of the royal family dies while she is abroad, but in the meantime, she must be prepared to mourn in an appropriate outfit.

It is not allowed to undress in public.

For example, taking off her coat is considered undressing, and Kate should not appear in public like that. If she wants to remove her jacket, it should be done privately.

Kate Middleton should always wear knee-length skirts

Showing too much skin is not allowed, especially when people are waiting on every corner to take your picture.

Jeans are generally not allowed.

Meghan Markle, however, didn’t seem to care much about these rules and wore whatever she wanted to Wimbledon.

She must know the secret handshakes and signals.

There are specific rules regarding eye contact and the length of the handshake. There are also many different signals that royal family members can use to show those around them something coded.

Blades are not welcome.

Interestingly, this rule that Kate Middleton must adhere to has yet to be confirmed, but apparently, it is true. While the Duchess may have attached to this rule when she was around the Queen, she didn’t feel it was necessary to abide by it when the monarch wasn’t around.

Kate should always accept gifts that are given to her

Like any royal family member, Kate Middleton is obliged to get any assistance people give her. 

She is not allowed to take selfies.

This weird rule may seem very strange, but it means they are not allowed to take selfies that they share with the world. Therefore, never try to talk any royal family member into taking selfies with you. 

The monarch should always speak first.

You may not think there is a particular order of people who need to be informed about certain important news and significant events, but if you have a monarch, you do.

All royal children should attend etiquette classes

Considering how many different rules members of the royal family have to follow, it’s no surprise that they have to participate in many lessons where they are taught etiquette from an early age. 

Kate had to give her children multiple names.

Did you know that children born into the royal family usually have a whole list of names … not just a first and last name? Not only do children have a middle name, but they typically have several middle names as well.