After a guy revealed the key to a perfect night’s sleep to his girlfriend – the “yellow pillow” – a no-nonsense debate erupted.

Most guys have a single pillow that they swear serves them faithfully, is yellowed from time, and has probably accumulated several years of head sweat without ever being washed.

It may be badly wrinkled, but the veteran pillow retains all the comfortable contours that allow its owner to lie down and fall asleep properly.

Of course, you can’t expect anyone else to sleep on the Yellow Pillow, but some realize it is a comfortable companion that cuddles your skull in the land of slumber.

But some don’t understand why some men cling to a yellow pillow that is most likely highly disgusting, much less spend a third of their lives with their face pressed against it.

On social media, a guy under the nickname Cam posted a picture of the yellow pillow, saying his girlfriend is “mad at me” for this revelation, but he also believes the boys will back him up on the fact that the “yellow pillow” is indeed “magical.”

Kudos to the veteran for helping the boys get a good night’s sleep. 

According to Cam, his favorite pillow “gives me the most serene slumber.”

A veritable army of yellow pillow supporters flocked to the responses to support him, while many skeptics thought the whole thing was disgusting.

In the comments, one person stated that “ever since he got rid of his trusty yellow pillow, he has never been able to rest easy,” while another said that since he got rid of his pillow, his “life has gone on a downward spiral.”

Someone third remarked that being a man means “using the same pillow since I was ten years old and never washing it.”

While the male population on social media generally agreed with this sentiment, some thought the whole thing was disgusting.

Cam called it “magic.” 

Some said the photo of the yellow pillow Cam posted was “just like my husband’s pillow” and reported that “he calls it a condiment” before adding a gag emoji.

Some called it a “cast iron skillet for sleepyheads,” but many didn’t want to rest their heads on the pillow equivalent of a cast iron skillet while sleeping.

Another man said: ” “Men berate women for believing in astrology while they think they can only sleep because their pillow is so damn nasty.”

” I think if you go to his house and see it, leave,” another woman wrote, so it’s safe to say that the Yellow Pillow is not to everyone’s liking.

No sleep can be compared to the rest the Yellow Pillow provides. 

Cam later told NBC News that the whole debate amused him and that he used to change his pillowcase once a year, but his girlfriend convinced him to stop using it, and it was safely “put away in storage.”

Those who want to wash their yellow pillow will be pleased to know that most can be washed in the washing machine on a gentle cycle, although you should always check the label to ensure the pillow is not meant to be dry cleaned.

However, in the case of the Yellow Pillow, the label is so worn that you won’t be able to understand what it says.