Meghan Markle has always gone all out in her style: the tailored sets, the bold colors that suit her, and the casual elegance that drew her fans in from the beginning still reign supreme in her closet today.

Although her jewelry is usually more straightforward than that of other royalty, she has a collection of pieces that are perfect for both formal occasions and everyday life. Here’s a lesson on how to accessorize using a “less is more” approach, just like Meghan does.

1) Sophisticated simplicity

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry visited New Zealand in 2018, and Meghan wore an intelligent plaid trench coat and amber-colored earrings to complement it.

2) Something blue

The newly crowned Duke and Duchess of Sussex attended an evening wedding reception at Frogmore House. Meghan wore a Princess Diana aquamarine ring, which Prince Harry gave her from the late princess’ collection.

Prince Harry himself designed Meghan Markle’s engagement ring. The center cushion-cut diamond is a diamond from Botswana, which was a significant place for the couple during their courtship.

3) Casual sophistication

Meghan typically favors classic and simple pieces, such as a gold disc necklace (paired with a chic white button-down shirt) and a yellow gold Cartier Tank Française watch.

4) Tank Française watch

Another piece of jewelry Princess Diana gifted to Meghan was a yellow gold Tank Française watch. Prince William originally had this watch, but when he got ready to propose, he and Harry allegedly swapped heirlooms (Harry gave him the sapphire and diamond ring that Kate now wears).

5) Chic look

Diamond cluster earrings were the perfect accessory to the emerald green dress and netted hat Meghan wore to the Westminster Abbey event.

Victoire de Castellane often refers to Christian Dior’s iconic creations in her jewelry, mimicking embroidery, lace, and fabric ripples. In this case, she turned to the Junon dress, which debuted at the Haute Couture Fall/Winter 1949 show, as the catalyst for creating these diamond earrings.