Optical illusions can be tricky to solve; this latest illusion will keep you puzzled for a long time. Can you make out the three hidden faces in this image?

Sometimes, optical illusions can be very tricky.

They can make us think something is wrong and play with our vision. So, if you want to test your eyesight, we have the correct puzzle.

When a man took a picture of his pregnant wife, he saw her up close.

Tips and hints

The image shows two children picking fruit in an orchard, with the boy picking pears from the tree and the girl picking apples on the right.

You can notice baskets filled with fruit carried by the children. But the most responsible task is to detect three creepy faces lurking nearby.

With the help of this clever optical illusion, you must solve it in the allotted time. You have 8 seconds at your disposal. Will you be able to complete the task?

Still trying? Please scroll down to the bottom of the page to find the answer…

Seeing these optical illusions can be good for your eyesight because it exposes it to danger. Doing this task can be challenging at first, but it will get easier over time if you pay attention.

Try scanning the tree and the bench – you might see something creepy. Are you looking to learn more about unusual optical illusions? We’ll help you out!

We have already demonstrated an optical illusion with lines and black dots, but it is impossible to see them all simultaneously. The illusion shows intersecting blue lines with nine black dots between them.

No matter at which point in the image you focus, you will only see the dots on one horizontal line – the others above or below will disappear before your eyes.

The vanishing and reappearing of the dots has to do with human peripheral vision – what we see beyond the line of sight.