As recent events have shown, Prince Harry talks much about his family! However, there are two members of his family that he’s mostly keeping quiet about… His children. 

At first, Harry and Meghan were very secretive about little Lilibeth Diana. It took a while before they showed fans a few pictures of her. Even though she is a member of the British royal family and is in the line of succession to the throne, her birth became the subject of the world’s press. 

A Buckingham Palace spokesperson posted a message on Instagram that read, “Congratulations to the Duke and Duchess of Sussex on the birth of Lilibeth Diana! 

More and more details about Lily gradually emerged as Harry and Meghan began their media tours for their post-royal projects. Harry’s 2023 book Spare even detailed the day she was born, and it contained an unexpected revelation: Harry himself delivered the baby. In his book, he wrote, “When the doctor said minutes decide everything, I told Meg that the first thing I wanted was for the baby to see my face.”

By the end of 2022, when the Harry and Meghan TV series came out, it was revealed that Lily’s godfather was none other than Hollywood star Tyler Perry, who provided the Duke and Duchess with a home and security after they left the royal family. 

So now that everyone has seen what Lily looks like, it begs the question: which parent does she look up to? 

” In Lily, I see a lot from my mom. Lily looks a lot like Spencer. He has the same blue eyes….. Golden red hair.” However, in the documentary, Harry also said: “My son, my daughter, my children are mixed race, and I’m very proud of that.”

Much attention was also paid to the fact that Archie and Lily look very similar. Most of the shots in the Harry and Meghan documentary are taken so that you can’t see their faces, but we can see that their hair color is similar. Both have reddish hair like their father, not black like Meghan.

Harry’s red hair, which his father, mother, and brother did not have, is one of the many things he talks about in Spare. He recalls how even his father, now King Charles III, joked that he was illegitimate because of the oft-repeated tabloid rumors that his birth father was Diana’s lover, Major James Hewitt.

For Queen Lilibeth, Diana Mountbatten-Windsor became great-granddaughter number 11. In 2021, Lilibeth was born on June 4, and in the following months, her parents were pursued by a toxic whirlwind of media coverage. Their every move was scrutinized, from a move to the US to an alleged feud. But did Elizabeth and little Lily cross paths in the short time they had before it became impossible?

The Harry and Meghan story seemed to be winding down, but a new drama for the royals was just around the corner. First, Prince Philip passed away on April 9, 2021. And just over a year later, Elizabeth herself passed away. She passed away at the age of 96. After the Queen’s passing, Harry and Meghan were once again in the spotlight of the British public, and Harry was forced to break his silence on her relationship with his children.

Sure, Elizabeth dated Archie, but what about Lilibet? Were they dating at all? As it turns out, yes. For the rest of her life, Elizabeth was indeed introduced to her great-granddaughter Lilibeth – a child named after her youthful nickname. Things got wrapped up – and just in time. Harry’s children got to spend at least a little time with their great-grandmother.

During Queen Elizabeth’s funeral, Meghan looked tearfully at her equally emotional husband and royal relatives. Despite all the controversy, Meghan is not alone in her reverence for the departed monarch. ” I’m very pleased that I was able to spend time with her and get to know her better,” Meghan added. Still, the Queen’s death was a historic moment that made Meghan “rethink a lot” about her role among the royals.

In her opinion, experiencing such a huge loss “makes you think about where to put your energy.” However, if Meghan did regret her decision to leave royal life, she didn’t show it.