She loves the Yankees.

Even though we clearly and plainly understand that she loves the Yankees, we don’t think everyone standing around her is looking at the Yankees. They are looking well below her jersey.

What’s important is what’s on the inside.

” Inside every overweight woman’s soul lives the woman she can become,” Oprah used to say, an idea primarily disproven decades ago. Still, this t-shirt makes that idea look cartoonish and out of place with the shorts. It’s what’s inside that counts.

Sounds about right

Maybe she’s hinting at something? Pretty much. However, the question is whether you want a short-term fling or something more serious. The t-shirt suggests the former, but many people won’t care if that’s the case. Be honest: would you?

Florida still has humps.

It’s a well-known fact that only some things are flat in Florida. Sugarloaf Mountain, a glorified hill, and the rest of the Lake Wales Range. It reaches an elevation of 344 feet above sea level. By definition, it is not a mountain. It does, however, have humps.

Almost Famous

An icon of North America is the Hooters restaurant. More than one person has become famous after working at this establishment, such as Amy Adams, Naya Rivera from “Glee,” and Holly Madison. However, they became successful despite working there, not because of it.

The not-so-gifted

This is one of those situations where if you have to wear a t-shirt to tell the world you’re gifted, you’re probably not talented. Everything in this picture points the other way.

I wish they were brains!

Okay, we know what we’re talking about. These are average-sized breasts, and she wishes they were brains. Of course, she would. But wouldn’t two brains on a breast look weird? Wouldn’t they be prone to infection? And we’re not even sure it would be stranger if they weren’t her brains. Anyway…

Strawberry shortcake.

She should get the memo: in 2022, we no longer call this a milkshake; we now call it watermelon sugar. This is so 2001 that it’s embarrassing. Of course, no one will think about what it says on her T-shirt when they look at it.

Harsh truths

While we’re proud that this woman admits her shameful pleasures, the fact that she spends all her time in the refrigerator probably won’t help her find a boyfriend either. It will likely have the opposite effect.

Mind Trick

If your head didn’t read this t-shirt the first time, you’re not the only one. Despite the little cat face at the top of the lettering, it’s pretty clear what this t-shirt means, and it’s not about cats.