A woman from Norway has learned how to gallop and jump like a horse, and it’s impressive to watch.

It’s the main event now that the Melbourne Cup has been officially canceled. It’s time to wear your best Windsor Smith heels and indulge in some Yellowglen while watching.

Ayla Kirstine is a woman from Norway who can canter like a horse. It’s both charming and startling.

Kirstine has become very skilled to the point where she can jump over hurdles on all fours. It’s truly wild, and I adore everything about it.

“When I was 4, I was fond of dogs and desired to become one,” revealed Kirstine in an INSIDER interview. “When I realized my love for horses, I only relied on what I had learned.

I’m excited to share that people jumping like horses is a natural phenomenon. A quick Google search revealed that humans have been jumping like horses for years. This raises many questions, such as whether there is a community for these individuals and if this is what happened to all the horse girls from school. Why do people do this?”