Jenna Ortega’s transformation is remarkable. She began doing national commercials as a child before leaping onto television. She started by landing bit parts on network television. Slowly, those roles got bigger and bigger. Her first break came when she landed the role of young Jane on The CW’s Jane the Virgin. Later, she gained popularity with her roles in Disney’s “Elena of Avalor” and “Stuck in the Middle.” 

Her career reached new heights when she appeared on Netflix’s “You.” 

Jenna Ortega became an actress at the age of 9. In her first year, she could only do TV commercials. 

She also played the young version of Jane alongside Gina Rodriguez in “Jane the Virgin.” 

Jenna Ortega debuted as a princess in a 2014 episode of “OMG!” a web series on YouTube. She played Princess Sleigh in the episode “Derp Vader vs. Princess Sleigh,” perfectly emulating the Princess Leia look and displaying her feisty side.  

When she went to Disney World for an opening event, she saw numerous young Latina girls waiting eagerly to meet her. 

In 2016, Ortega got the central part as Harley Diaz, the middle kid among seven siblings, in Disney Channel’s “Stuck in the Middle.” 

Her role in “Saving Flora” is one of the most powerful ones she’s played. In September 2017, she talked about why she spent a lot of time with elephants and told how fantastic the experience was. 

“Saving Flora” is a show that many young actors would kill for. 

Ortega had a brief and unnoticeable role in the horror film “Insidious: Chapter 2” in 2013. However, her proper transition to the horror genre didn’t come until her appearance in “You” alongside Penn Badgley. 

In 2020, Ortega played the role of Phoebe in “The Babysitter: Killer Queen” alongside Samara Weaving, Bella Thorne, and Judah Lewis. She also began voicing the character Brooklynn in the animated Netflix series “Jurassic World: Camp Cretaceous.” 

Ortega soared to heights with her role as Wednesday Addams in Netflix’s “Wednesday” series. While her character’s TikTok-famous dance is widely recognized, Ortega’s portrayal went beyond that. 

Fortunately, she returns as Tara Carpenter in “Scream VI.” The movie intensifies its stakes in New York City and pledges to be the most aggressive entry. 

Ortega has future roles on her IMDB page, including “Miller’s Girl” and the romantic drama “Winter Spring, Summer or Fall” with Percy Hynes White. She will also appear in the horror film “Finestkind,” a crime-thriller starring Tommy Lee Jones, Ben Foster, and Toby Wallace. It’s too early to tell, but we suspect Ortega’s career will be even more successful in 2023.