Schumacher has not been seen in public since the tragic incident in 2013. Corinna has strictly shielded the Formula One legend away from the media.

She has been his staunch protector since he suffered significant head injuries in the accident.

The seven-time F1 champion was out of the public eye after his 2013 accident in the French resort of Meribel. He was in a coma for over a year and underwent numerous surgeries.

Updates on Schumacher’s condition over the past ten years have been infrequent, with Corinna Schumacher protecting her husband from the media.

Corinna, the former champion equestrian, overseas visitors to the 54-year-old. According to Luca Badoer, Schumacher’s ex-Ferrari teammate Corinna carefully selects who can see him, with only a few allowed.

Badoer stated, via the Sun, ‘Only a few people are allowed to visit. Corinna decides who is allowed to see him. The family wants to maintain secrecy about this, and I respect their wishes.’ The Italian is one of the few permitted to see his former colleague. He added, ‘They do all this for the good of Michael.’

The Schumachers have been married since 1995 and share two children. She has been by his side throughout the entire ordeal. Former Ferrari and FIA chief Jean Todt is another individual who visits Schumacher. He admitted that ‘he is simply not the Michael he used to be; he is different’ while speaking to L’Equipe earlier this month.

Johnny Herbert, a former teammate of Schumacher, said that Corinna and the family are trying to move on with their lives. According to Herbert, Corinna stated they are trying to continue as a family, just as Michael wanted. However, Herbert also acknowledged that the family values their privacy. Herbert added, ‘It would be lovely just to have him back.’

Ralf Schumacher admitted to missing his older brother’s former self, stating that their family’s life has drastically changed since Michael’s skiing accident.

Ralf, who is 48 years old, expressed that Michael was fortunate throughout his life, but the tragic accident has altered everything. Although advanced medical science provides many opportunities, life is no longer the same.