Members of the royal family are in the news again, and this time, not because of family drama. So, in January 2024, Buckingham Palace informed the public that Princess Catherine would be hospitalized for about 14 days for abdominal surgery. A couple of hours later, the palace announced that King Charles III would undergo a corrective procedure for an enlarged prostate. At the same time, the public was assured that none of the king’s ailments were related to cancer. It would seem hard to believe, but the palace did provide citizens with personal medical information without the slightest pressure.

Their blood may be blue, but members of the British royal family are still mortal.

To keep Queen Elizabeth II’s hospitalization in 2021 out of the news feeds, the palace wanted to keep it quiet.

In 2021, when Queen Elizabeth II spent the night in the hospital, Buckingham Palace wasn’t too kind. As it turned out, the palace tried to cover up her hospitalization by flying the flag high with the royal standard even though she didn’t spend the night at home. Aides also told reporters she was there.

The palace reportedly concealed that Queen Elizabeth II was ill with cancer.

Buckingham Palace’s biggest cover-up in recent times may be information about Queen Elizabeth II’s health before her death. In a book published in 2022, “Elizabeth: An Intimate Portrait,” Giles Brandreth, who was friends with both Prince Philip and the Queen, revealed the secret, saying he was told the late monarch had bone marrow cancer.

The public still does not know why the Queen was hospitalized in 2021, and this may have been the reason. 

Prince Philip’s actual health condition has never been reported.

Philip first became seriously ill at the age of 90 when he was taken to the hospital with chest pains, which were later found to be caused by a blocked coronary artery. Then, in 2012, he also faced a nasty bladder infection, and in 2018, he had to undergo hip surgery. However, in 2021, his health began to deteriorate rapidly, and the prince began to make frequent visits to the hospital. In February 2021, the palace announced that Philip had been hospitalized due to ill health. 

The cause of his death was not specified, but it was later said that he died of old age.

The severe accident that happened to King Charles III while playing polo was described as a “somersault

The fact is that in 2001, Prince Charles was playing polo with his sons. There was quite an intense rivalry between them, and during the game, the future monarch fell very unluckily – but that’s different from what the public was later told. As usual, the palace tried to downplay the seriousness of the incident. 

Prince William should have informed the public about his diagnosis of Covid-19.

Recall that in April 2020, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson and King Charles III fell ill with Covid-19. One Covid infection was too much for Buckingham Palace, so he remained silent when Prince William was also infected. A few months later, the public learned that he, too, had contracted the virus and was dealing with some pretty severe symptoms.

The palace did not want the public to know that Meghan was suffering from depression.

During Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s candid interview with Oprah Winfrey in 2021, Meghan revealed that she suffered from severe depression during her pregnancy with Prince Archie. Meghan knew she needed help and asked palace officials if she could get treatment. They denied her request, saying that it would not be suitable for the royal family if it became known that she was depressed.

Questions about the health of King Charles III and Queen Consort Camilla remain.

Curious fans have noticed Camilla’s hands shaking on more than one occasion – the first instance occurred during a speech she gave at the International Women’s Day reception in 2022. It was impossible not to notice the trembling in her hands when she spoke, and it was unlikely to be caused by nerves – the Queen Consort has been giving public speeches for most of her life. In 2023, during a royal tour to Kenya, royal observers again noticed trembling in her hands. Some health experts cite stress as a possible factor, but other health conditions could also cause it.

And King Charles III also had chronically swollen fingers, which were the center of attention during his coronation ceremony. According to the doctor, this could be caused by various conditions, including bacterial infections, arthritis, and tuberculosis. Predictably, the palace has yet to respond to the public’s concerns.