A group of adults got into a brawl during a Disney’s The Little Mermaid movie screening in Orlando, Florida, prompting parents whose children witnessed the conflict to demand refunds. 

A shocking video was captured when a group of adults started fighting inside a movie theater during a showing of The Little Mermaid. 

The video, shared on social media, shows the adults shouting at each other in the darkness of a movie theater in Orlando while the song “Under the Sea” plays in the background. 

Other movie theater patrons try to defuse the situation, but it’s unclear from the video footage how the confrontation ended. 

Although most of the audience did not hear everything happening, some viewers were even more annoyed that the situation was not resolved and demanded a refund of their ticket money. 

One woman said she wanted a refund on her ticket as it was a children’s movie. 

A video of the fight was posted on TikTok, and an eyewitness said he took his daughter to see “The Little Mermaid” in Orlando, and this happened. 

According to people in the comments, the fight started after a young couple was seen kissing in one of the rows and ignored requests to stop. 

However, it needs to be clarified from the video why the fight broke out and how it ended. 

Other users in the comments are outraged at the behavior of people who started a fight at a children’s movie, believing that it is “inappropriate” to behave in such a way in the presence of children.