During his recent appearance in Manhattan federal court, observers noted that his hair appeared to be a lighter shade of orange.

According to an insider, Trump’s impatience is the reason for

his unique hairstyle. The hairdressers become frustrated with him but cannot express it because Trump cannot sit still for the required 30 minutes for the hair color to set.

According to a source, Trump’s hair color can vary from dark blonde to light blonde and even bright orange.

This is due to his impatience during hair appointments, as he rarely gives his stylist the 30 to 45 minutes needed to keep his color consistent. The shorter the time he gives them, the more orange his hair becomes. The source also mentioned that Trump associates darker blonde locks with his younger years.

According to sources, the former president dislikes sitting with hair dye and often rushes the hairdresser, resulting in a change of hair color every few weeks. Additionally, his hair color lightens with each wash. 

A fashion expert noted that many women can relate to the discomfort of sitting for extended periods to lighten or color their hair.

The color of Trump’s hair has been debated in style circles.

In 2020, Vogue reported that a bright silver shade had replaced Trump’s signature flaxen hair overnight.

New York Magazine’s style site, The Cut, alleged that Donald Trump had stopped dyeing his hair. The silver looks to be permanent, and Trump seems done with dye. 

However, we hear his hair is part of a style overhaul now that he’s the frontrunner for the GOP nomination.

 The article mentions that Donald Trump is updating his wardrobe, including new pastel-colored ties, slimmer cut suits, and a less boxy style to show off his weight loss.

Sources claim that his wife, Melania Trump, has assisted him in losing weight and updating his appearance.

The purpose of the do-over is to modernize and make his image more youthful, in contrast to grey President Biden, and to attract younger voters. His team wants a visual change to show he’s different from the Trump of 2016.

Trump’s hair will also be included in the makeover. Helen Mirren, who won an Oscar for playing Queen Elizabeth II in the 2006 film ‘The Queen,’ once told Vanity Fair that Trump’s hair color resembles an Italian beverage.

In Italy, Aperol is an aperitif. The speaker suggested comparing a picture of it to Donald Trump to see if there are any similarities.