Jessica Tarlov grew up in a home built on an old Bazzini Nuts factory site. Her parents made movies, and her sister, Molly, would eventually become an actress. 

Nowadays, Tarlov is a recognizable figure on Fox News’ “The Five,” a segment that delves into political commentary from Republicans and one solitary Democrat (who, in this case, is Tarlov). She can both anger and attract right-wingers, which isn’t easy. Tarlov is a woman with many surprises, and if you believe you know everything about her, reconsider.

Jessica Tarlov never wanted a career on television.

Although she looks like a natural on TV, when she was younger, she didn’t want to follow in her parent’s footsteps and spend all her time behind or in front of a camera. 

They motivated her and acted as mentors, teaching her

how to think creatively, a skill now very useful in her job. Jessica Tarlov’s parents always inspired her, even though she never intended to pursue the same careers as them.

She had the opportunity to work with the former.

London Mayor Boris Johnson during his 2012 re-election campaign. Jessica Tarlov spent her junior year studying at the London School of Economics and eventually earned her Ph.D. It just so happened that she was around when Johnson launched his re-election campaign. 

 Tarlov is a highly educated political commentator with a Bachelor’s degree in History, two Master’s degrees in political science and public policy, and a Ph.D. in Government.  

Jessica Tarlov has won over some conservative viewers, but many longtime fans initially resisted her when she joined “The Five,” she continues to face harsh criticism. 

She strongly supports Hillary Clinton.

After Donald Trump won the 2016 election, Jessica Tarlov wrote an article for Fox News where she referred to herself as a “Hillary supporter.” She also said that everyone in America should have access to healthcare, a high-quality education, and opportunities for a successful future. Even Republicans, who are usually unsympathetic, would have to admit to this.

Jessica Tarlov may seem calm on “The Five” most of the time, but when she thought about having children, she was anxious about how it would affect her career. 

However, as we know, Tarlov’s fears never came true – her career is still thriving. Her co-host, former White House Press Secretary Dana Perino, was thrilled to hear about Tarlov’s pregnancy and accidentally revealed it on air.