Mahesh Bhatt has always been a controversial figure. He was born to a Muslim mother and a Hindu father out of wedlock and was raised as a part of his father’s other family. His mother played an important role in shaping his views on women. His unique family situation gave him a different perspective on relationships, which he saw as complex and nuanced rather than black or white. His love life was entirely of complexities and shades of gray. This is a list of the remarkable women in Mahesh Bhatt’s life.

The first woman was Lorraine Bright, whom he met in school. Lorraine was a Catholic who studied at Bombay Scottish orphanage. Their friendship grew over time, and they fell in love. Mahesh would often visit Lorraine, which ultimately led to her expulsion.

Lorraine changed her name to Kiran and married Mahesh when they were both 20. They had their daughter, Pooja Bhatt, at the age of 21. Mahesh Bhatt’s most significant success, Aashiqui, is based on his relationship with Lorraine. Their relationship turned sour when Mahesh had an extra-marital affair with Parveen Babi during a period of back-to-back flops.

Although they never got divorced, their marriage failed. Mahesh maintains a close relationship with their children.

Lorraine and Mahesh eventually separated due to his extra-marital affair with Parveen Babi, which later ended.

Mahesh met Parveen at the peak of her career while he was struggling with a string of failures. Despite being married with a child, Mahesh chose to live with Parveen. 

However, their live-in relationship did not bring any good to anyone. Once the honeymoon phase was over, Mahesh witnessed a different side of Parveen. Parveen had a history of nervous breakdowns, and eventually, her genes caught up with her. The relationship lasted two and a half years before Mahesh realized he could not save her.

Mahesh Bhatt’s second wife, Soni Razdan, helped him look at his life from a fresh perspective.

However, he was still dealing with the scars of his relationship with Parveen and did not want to complicate his life further. Therefore, he and Soni decided to keep their relationship a secret.

When Soni’s parents asked Mahesh about her importance in his life, he told them he was serious about her but couldn’t divorce his first wife.

To find a solution, Mahesh decided to convert to Islam, his mother’s religion, which allowed him to have two wives. He then married Sakina, Soni’s Islamic name, under Ashraf Bhatt. Weeks later, the couple hosted a party at the Taj Mahal Mumbai and announced their marriage. Mahesh Bhatt had his first daughter, Shaheen Bhatt, in 1988 and his second daughter, Alia Bhatt, in 1993.

His love life has had many ups and downs, but the three women in his life have played essential roles. He admits to having failed on various occasions, but his relationships with these women have helped shape him into who he is today.