Suri Cruise became a household name even before she was born as the daughter of Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes. 

She grew up in the public eye and was featured on the cover of Vanity Fair at just five months old, wearing Dior socks. 

After Tom and Holmes’ tumultuous divorce in 2012, Suri mostly stayed out of the spotlight, thanks to her mother. In 2023, Holmes told Glamour that Suri was so visible at a young age. After interest in Holmes’ marriage to Tom dwindled, she attempted to regain attention by stating, ‘I like to protect her.’ However, over the years, glimpses of Suri have shown that she has grown tall.

The media was obsessed with little Suri, who was constantly photographed with Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise.

Suri Cruise was captured in many candid moments, such as tasting rainwater in New York in February 2010, as seen above. According to her father, Tom, Suri’s fashion choices are entirely her own.   

In an interview with Oprah in May 2010, Tom stated that he has no say in what Suri wears and that she has excellent taste. Suri was inevitably exposed to the reality of her parent’s lives, and they made the best of their overwhelming interest in her. According to RTE, they were raising her to protect her but also to avoid sheltering her in any way.

Suri Cruise was still a young child when her parents divorced.

Suri was frequently photographed with her mother, but she gained even more attention when she was seen with Tom Cruise after her parents split. Despite the divorce, Tom continued to spend time with Suri, and on July 17, 2012, he flew to New York for his first known visit with her. Tom took Suri for a helicopter ride over the city the following day, creating a memorable father-daughter moment.

However, those days were limited. According to Us Weekly, Tom was last seen publicly with Suri in 2013 when she was 7. However, he has reportedly not seen his daughter in over a decade.  

As time went on and TomKat became old news, Katie Holmes started taking Suri Cruise to high-profile events more often. In September 2015, Holmes brought her then-9-year-old daughter onto the stage to wave at the crowd before giving her speech. Suri’s brief appearance on stage demonstrated how much she had grown in three years. Holmes only had to bend slightly to get close to her daughter’s face.

At just 12 years old, Suri was already approaching her teenage years and stood at shoulder height to her 5’9″ mother. Her father, Tom Cruise, reportedly missed this milestone birthday.

Tom was reportedly attempting to repair his relationship with Suri and become more involved in her upbringing. 

Suri Cruise, who is now a teenager, appeared to be a few inches shorter than her mother, Katie Holmes, at the premiere of ‘In The Heights’ in June 2021. Since then, she appears to have grown an additional inch or two. In photos taken in February 2024, just two months before her 18th birthday, Suri appeared to be about the same height as her mother. This suggests that Tom Cruise’s relatively short stature did not affect the average height of his offspring. It also appears that Suri has grown taller than her father, who is said to be 5 feet 7 inches. This is a common occurrence.

However, her growth between 2018 and 2021 was more significant than in the last few years. According to Medical News Today, girls typically experience a growth spurt during puberty, which usually occurs between the ages of 11 and 12. By age 15, most girls are expected to have reached their adult height, as appears to be the case with Suri.

Suri has inherited her mother’s height and her love for fashion. As seen since the days when she advised Tom on what to wear, Suri has a keen interest in fashion, just like her mother, who is known for her stylish streetwear. According to a source cited by the Daily Mail in 2023, Suri is interested in pursuing a career in fashion. Tom must pay for Suri’s college education as per their divorce settlement.