The couple has some shady details attached to their names, but they remain one of the most wholesome couples on HGTV. “HomeTown ” stars Ben and Erin Napier, who are known for their series renovating historic homes around Lauren, Mississippi, while maintaining their old-fashioned charm. 

Despite their picture-perfect life, Erin Napier claimed social media was censoring her.

Erin Napier shared pictures of Osprey’s event, which encouraged kids to stay away from social media, on her social media platforms. However, when she tried to upload photos with Osprey’s logo, she received a ‘Try Again Later’ message. According to People, Meta wouldn’t allow images of the #ospreykids logo to be tagged in any photos by anyone and wouldn’t allow anyone to tag Erin or Ben. Erin suggested that ‘big tech’ was hindering her business promotion and added that their actions may limit communication.

She also shared her and Ben Napier’s decision to keep their children off social media for as long as possible. 

In 2022, Ben Napier, star of ‘Home Town,’ was involved in a fraud scandal that damaged his reputation. According to Anna Wolfe’s report for Mississippi Today, Brett Favre, a former football player, was accused of misusing millions of dollars of welfare funds from the Mississippi Department of Human Services to build a volleyball stadium. Former Governor Phil Bryant denied his involvement in the alleged scheme. Wolfe’s article also revealed that Bryant contacted Ben to help develop the lockers in the facility.

Erin Napier criticized mothers who complained about their children.

Erin Napier expressed her opinion on social media posts about ‘mom humor’ that often depicts mothers complaining about their lives with young children. She suggested that there should be less of this type of content and, instead, more support for women who struggle with infertility. Napier acknowledged the challenges of being a parent but encouraged others to be mindful of their words and actions. “Let’s remember how fleeting and special this hectic time is,” added the HGTV star. They suggest taking a different perspective on the situation.

On May 4, 2022, Ben and Erin Napier filed a restraining order against a stalker.

Erin Napier shared a scary incident involving the stalker who claimed he was sent there to save the ‘HomeTown’ star’s daughter, Helen. In her Instagram post, Erin revealed that while filming their show, her husband received alarming texts from townspeople about the man walking around looking for the family. The family hired security to protect them 24/7. When Helen asked who they were, Erin and Ben explained they were friends.

The Napiers obtained a restraining order against John Patrick Gaffney, the man in question. The order was later dismissed, and Gaffney was ordered to return to California, according to Heavy.

A fan criticized Home Town for its lack of diversity.

HGTV has been accused of lacking diversity in its shows, and fans have taken notice. In 2020, a viewer on Reddit commented that they enjoyed the show and the Napiers’ down-home charm but felt that the show portrayed Laurel, MS, as predominantly white.  

Erin Napier also interacted with a viewer who questioned her lack of posts about the social unrest surrounding Black Lives Matter. In a lengthy reply, Erin shared that although she does not publicly post about racial matters, she ensures to display kindness to everyone in her daily life.