Suri Cruise has been spotted walking the streets of New York City shortly after celebrating turning 18.

The daughter of Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes celebrated their 18th birthday last month and enjoyed time with their mother. Despite the recent speculation that the father, Tom Cruise, might have been present at his daughter’s birthday celebration, he was not in attendance. Instead, he was observed at a birthday party hosted by Victoria Beckham, where he was seen to be in a state of apparent distress even though he had been photographed recently in a state of apparent physical fitness, having been seen topless in the sea.

The adolescent appeared relaxed as she was observed transporting a navy backpack while wearing substantial black headphones. She was attired in a red-striped short-sleeved Henley top, gray jogging pants, and off-white Converse sneakers. She was also wearing a denim jacket draped over her right arm.

It was reported last week that Suri had dropped her Hollywood star father’s last name and is instead going by a new moniker. This indicates that she is not interested in pursuing any connection with her Hollywood star father.

According to Hello! The magazine reports that Suri’s new title is simply Suri Noelle. This was observed in the playbill of her school production of The Go-Go’s jukebox musical, Head Over Heels. The new name would see Suri taking on her mother’s middle name, 45, while completely negating any link to Tom, 61.

It has been suggested that Tom felt guilty after missing his daughter’s birthday and was prepared to reconnect. 

The media has extensively documented Tom’s lack of involvement in his daughter’s life. As evidenced by Katie and Tom’s divorce documents, the Top Gun star consented to provide his former spouse with $400,000 annually until Suri attained the age of 18. Additionally, Tom agreed to assume responsibility for his daughter’s expenses, which are said to have included “medical, dental, insurance, education, college, and other extracurricular costs.”

Tom was recently observed in Mallorca, displaying his toned torso in the sea. His abdominal muscles were visible as he dried his wet hair with a towel while swimming at Formentor Beach in Pollensa.