Amidst rumors that Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez have split, a Prime Video documentary reveals what Affleck demanded when they rekindled their romance. 

According to Lopez, in the documentary “The Greatest Love Story Never Told” (now airing), Affleck refused to have their relationship broadcast on social media.

“‘Going back to the relationship, I said: ‘Look, I don’t want my relationship put on social media,'” he said in the movie.” 

” Then I realized that’s not a fair request. It’s like if you were going to marry the captain of a ship and you were told, ‘Well, I don’t like the water.'”

Lopez has been posting much about Affleck on social media lately, such as photos of the couple kissing or cuddling while on vacation.

Affleck, 51, and Lopez, 54, were together from 2002 to 2004. Their engagement was broken off in 2004, after which they got married and had children with other people—Jennifer Garner and Marc Anthony. 

In 2021, Affleck and Lopez rekindled their romance, and in 2022, they bonded in marriage. They live in a blended family with five children. He is raising 18-year-old Violet, 15-year-old Seraphina, and 12-year-old Samuel with 52-year-old Garner, while Lopez is mom to 16-year-old twins Emme and Max with ex-husband Anthony.

Nevertheless, rumors are swirling that they may be in the midst of a relationship. 

They began to emerge when Lopez attended the Met Gala 2024 alone last week.

After that, reports surfaced that Affleck lived in a house separate from Lopez.

The Page Six publication obtained photos of the “Good Will Hunting” actor driving in his sports car Thursday morning in the Brentwood neighborhood of Los Angeles, where, according to TMZ, he left the house he was staying in for the night.

Recall that Lopez was spotted looking for a house without Affleck earlier this week.

According to InTouch, Lopez and the “Gone Girl” actor are in therapy to resolve their marital problems.

” Ben believes in therapy up to a point and is willing to participate with an open heart, even though he hates the humiliating process,” a source told the publication.

In addition, on Thursday, the “Jenny From the Block” singer put a “like” under an Instagram post detailing the qualities of a partner that can lead to an unhealthy relationship.

The authors of the post explained that “it’s impossible to build a healthy relationship with someone” who “lacks integrity and emotional security,” “doesn’t respect your time,” lacks “social skills,” and doesn’t have a strong sense of self-worth.

Affleck has often looked miserable when accompanying Lopez to high-profile music industry events like the Grammys—his less-than-enthusiastic demeanor has even become a meme for the 2023 ceremony. 

The couple was photographed together last March, but both were spotted wearing wedding rings. 

” A few months ago, they started having problems as Jen started working more and preparing for touring … They are on two completely different pages most of the time,” a source told Us Weekly on Thursday.

Releasing the movie on Prime Video, Affleck also said: “We’re just two people with . different approaches who are trying to learn how to compromise.”