KERRY Katona has been considering moving to Marbella, but she’s decided to stay in the UK and downsize to a nearby home.

The Cheshire-based former singer, mum to Molly, 22, Lilly-Sue, 21, Heidi, 16, Max, 15, and 10-year-old DJ, says her children have become her reason to stay.

Molly has been accepted to a music college, and DJ loves school.

In her column, she wrote: “We’re moving next month and haven’t packed anything.” We’re not ready! I’ll miss this house because it’s beautiful and we get along with our neighbors. “It’s a shame.”

But Kerry said her £2 million Cheshire mansion is too big, and she needs a smaller, easier-to-manage home.

“I want a cozy house, but this one is too big. There will be less mess for me to clean up after the kids in the new house, and it’s close to DJ’s school. We need to start packing!”

Kerry has been through a rough time recently after nose surgery to repair damage from years of cocaine abuse.

After her ordeal, the 43-year-old said she was disappointed in her fiancé, Ryan Mahoney, for not supporting her emotionally.

Kerry says she had to rely on her mom. She said, “I want to thank my mom for being there for me.

I’ve been staying with her, and she cares for me. I’ve felt more lonely than ever during my recovery. “Ryan was in London getting a tattoo when I went to the hospital. I haven’t seen him since my surgery,” Kerry explained.

“That upset me because I felt unsupported and needed emotional support. “I’m usually the strong mum, so this week I wanted to be looked after and have him here, but I had my mum instead.”

Kerry also recently had to go to the hospital for endometriosis. Tissue from the womb grows in other organs, causing pain and fertility issues.

She said: “I ended up in the hospital because the pain was so bad. The doctor said I’d released an egg, but it went into my stomach instead of through. I’ve never had pain like it. They gave me morphine. I got my period today. I’m 43, so hopefully that will stop soon.