During one of the most historic events on the Formula One calendar, a speedboat crashed into two other vessels docked along Monaco’s famous “billionaires’ row.”

A video circulated on social media shows the unmanned speedboat whizzing through Monte Carlo harbor before wedging itself between a small boat and a superyacht full of party guests.

After colliding with two bystanders and scattering debris in the air, the boat miraculously stopped on a metal pier.

Witnesses say no one was injured in the collision, Fox Sports reports, but several boats were damaged.

American Formula One driver Logan Sergent and his family have reportedly been living on the superyacht damaged in the incident for the past week.

Eyewitnesses posted on social media that firefighters and ambulance crews arrived at the marina after the collision last weekend.

Officials checked the condition of the pedestrians, who narrowly escaped, and towed the out-of-control yacht away from the scene.

Presumably, the boat operator is facing hefty fines for damages caused by the incident, which took place in one of the world’s most exclusive locations. 

The Monte Carlo seaport is often called the “billionaires’ playground,” as multi-billionaires own most of the yachts parked there.

A video of the incident has since gone viral, with some suggesting that it was the most expensive crash to occur at the Monaco Grand Prix.

“‘Crazy crash in Monaco today,’ one person wrote, sharing the Instagram post. No one on board was injured. We are very lucky!!! If you had worn your engine switch, this could have been avoided! 

Wear them, please. Buy wireless options if you don’t want to wear a lanyard.”

Another person posted the video on website X, writing, “Could this be the most expensive crash at @Monaco this weekend?”.

And F1 commentator Will Buxton even joked about the incident, saying: “Mate, you can’t park there.”