Streaming is an excellent way to make money, but also risky. It’s a live broadcast, so there’s no editing. On the other hand, it shows them the truth of the Internet. Your mistakes are out there for everyone to see. 

Most streamers keep this information secret. If streamers leak personal information, fans might call them. But unhappy fans will likely use that information for bad reasons. That’s why most streamers are careful with their data. 

Here are a few streamers who’ve shared things they shouldn’t have online.

MrBeast accidentally gave the Internet his address. He is known for his big stunt videos. In the video where He donated $50,000 to Ninja, MrBeast accidentally gave his address in the sponsorship section.

While discussing Honey, an internet extension that scans for coupons before checking out, MrBeast explained how it works. At this point, the creator showed his cart to viewers and his delivery address.

Amazon’s Alexa trolled Asian Andy

Asian Andy, a vlogger, decided to stream dyeing his hair. He let his viewers leave messages by donating money. Andy’s audience found they could trick Alexa, and the stream got out of control.

At first, viewers made Alexa call Andy’s mom, but then they made more malicious requests. Viewers asked Alexa to add NSFW items to Andy’s shopping list and call an Uber. Andy got angry with the trolls, but they had one last thing up their sleeve. After waiting, one person asked Alexa where Andy lived, and Alexa answered.

Loserfruit gave her phone number away on purpose

Loserfruit used her phone number as her “Fortnite” username as a joke. Her idea could have gone wrong, and she would have suffered. However, Loserfruit had a good experience.

Most people called Loserfruit and wished her luck, even though they seemed nervous. 

One person called Loserfruit teamed up with her for a “Fortnite” match. This was good for him since he didn’t have a microphone. If he hadn’t reached Loserfruit, he wouldn’t have been able to talk to the rest of the team. Loserfruit’s stream was mostly free of trolls. One person called to order Big Macs.

WingsofRedemption accidentally revealed his phone number and paid the price.

Jordie Jordan, better known as WingsofRedemption, once tried to buy a Camaro. 

WingsofRedemption’s phone started ringing after he exposed his number. His phone was set to a loud, urgent “Metal Gear Solid” sound. Each time it rang, he had to stop and answer or hang up, which made it hard for him to focus on the match.

Skeppy accidentally shared his Minecraft IP. He looked through the settings and fixed his problem but forgot to stop streaming. His stream showed the server’s IP address, and Skeppy screamed when he realized he’d accidentally shown his viewers the address.

Skeppy and Doni Bobes were scared this mistake would get them kicked from the server. The “Minecraft” Monday server’s IP address had been leaked, and anyone could join it. But nobody used the IP leak. 

Skeppy probably hurt his throat more by screaming than he broke the server by leaking its IP address.

TisParker’s search history was revealed.

Parker Edwards should have started the new year better. On January 19, 2020, he took a break to clean his glasses and drink. TisParker didn’t know he’d left his browser history up for his audience. Most of his searches were harmless, like “acrylic painting on glass” and “Phineas and Ferb.” But the top search was… “Can you have sex in your car?”

Thankfully, TisParker noticed his mistake when viewers sent messages like “Search history, Parker.” 

Mitch Jones got banned after leaking offensive messages.

2019 Jones accidentally leaked his Discord and Twitter messages while clicking through multiple open tabs. He called himself an “idiot” and asked if he had leaked information again. This time, he leaked some offensive things.

Many viewers noted that he had typed out a racial slur. His Twitch account was taken down.

Valkyrie almost leaked her new home address. She is no stranger to personal leaks, but in 2021, she learned that even small mistakes can cause real problems in her personal life. Valkyrie said she had to make a video on demand private because she had accidentally leaked some information. Some viewers took screenshots of a preview image showing a Discord chat with Valkyrie’s assistant after Valkyrae accidentally alt-tabbed. The conversation included the address of a house Valkyrie was considering moving into.

Valkyrie said she still looked at her new house, but the leak changed her plans.