Richard Simmons was a famous fitness guru in the 1980s. He’s been out of the public eye since 2014. He’s been much quieter lately than he used to be.

People are wondering where he is. Simmons has mostly stayed out of the public eye, posting on social media and teaching his exercise classes only occasionally. People have asked if he’s disappeared. 

This change inspired a podcast about his disappearance and caused concern for any small social media posts. A recent Facebook post made people more worried about Simmons’s health. He posted a statement saying he’s not dying.

Why is an ’80s aerobics instructor so mysterious? 

2014: Simmons quietly left public life.

For decades, Simmons made people exercise to his oldies videos. He became famous in the ’80s and ’90s. But in February 2014, Simmons left public life.

The rumor mill started after a New York Daily News story said Simmons’ friends hadn’t seen him in two years. 

After the speculation, Simmons posted, “I can’t believe I was trending on Facebook!” 

After the media interviews, Simmons was hospitalized after behaving strangely.

In a statement to People Magazine, the fitness instructor said, “Thank you for your love and concern.” I was dehydrated, but now I’m feeling better. Drink plenty of liquids in the summer. Thanks for caring.

The podcast “Missing Richard Simmons” brought the conspiracy theories to a head. Simmons didn’t take part in the podcast.

Later, the LAPD checked on Simmons. The LAPD said the fitness instructor was fine.

Despite the controversy, Simmons was hospitalized after battling severe indigestion. He posted about the health scare on Facebook and joked about the podcast, saying, “Aren’t you tired of hearing and reading about me?” I’m not missing. I’m just under the weather. “I’ll be back home in a couple of days.”

2023: Simmons turns 75. After years of silence, he shared an update on his 75th birthday.

“This is a big deal. “I just want him to be happy,” the fitness guru’s representative told Entertainment Tonight.

2024: People think Simmons is dead after a scary post online. On March 18, the former fitness mogul said on Facebook, “I have some news to tell you.” Don’t be sad. I’m dying. Oh, I can see your faces now. We’re all dying. “Everyday we live, we get closer to death.”

People wondered what was wrong with Simmons. However, his spokesperson told The Hollywood Reporter, “Richard is not dying.” He’s healthy and happy. The post was meant to be inspiring.

Later, Simmons apologized for the cryptic message on X. He said, “Sorry for the confusion. The press has also contacted me. I’m not dying. It was about embracing each day. Sorry for the confusion. Love, Richard.

On March 19, Simmons talked about his health after saying he wasn’t dying. The former fitness instructor said he had skin cancer. We don’t know when he was diagnosed.

He wrote, “I had a strange bump under my right eye.” “I had to see my dermatologist.”

His doctor ran tests and told him he had cancer. I asked what kind of cancer, and he said, “Basal cell carcinoma.”

Basal cell carcinoma is a common type of cancer that can be treated with surgery.

Simmons also said he went to a specialist three times to have the cancer removed. He told us about his doctor. “The third time was a charm. His doctor said, “We got all the cancer cells out.”

At the end of the post, Simmons told people to take care of their health. “Some of you have had cancer or know someone who has.” “Promise me you’ll see your doctor and get a check-up.”