The Duke and Duchess of Sussex have left the royal family and are telling their story. Harry’s memoir and the couple’s Netflix series left us with more questions than answers. From how Harry learned of Diana’s death to recent palace fights, Meghan and Harry revealed surprising details.

Kate didn’t like it when Meghan said she had “baby brain.” Some say there were early tensions between Meghan and Kate. They might have been right. 

Harry says Meghan called Kate “babybrained” after Kate forgot something. Kate didn’t like the comment.

Kate didn’t like it when Meghan said she had “baby brain.”

The Palace gave the public what it wanted. They even said Prince Harry and Prince William were each other’s best men at their weddings. In his memoir, Harry tells the story about him being his brother’s best man, which is false. He thinks his brother wanted him to stay within the script when giving the best man speech.

The Palace said Harry and William were each other’s best men but weren’t. The brothers didn’t want King Charles to marry Camilla. The royal family objected to Prince Harry’s marriage to Meghan. Harry and William didn’t like Charles’s second marriage to Camilla.

In their documentary, Harry says the press caused his wife Meghan’s miscarriage in 2020. In the documentary, Meghan says she was pregnant and didn’t sleep much. “On the first morning in our new home, I miscarried.” Later, Harry blames the tabloids.

He says the stress caused Meghan to lose the baby.

Palace staff called the Duchess a “foreign organism.”

Harry thinks his dad’s PR team made him look bad.

Prince Harry used to party a lot. In his new memoir, he talks about rumors about his use of substances. He experimented with different things when he was younger. But Harry said his father’s PR team made it look like he used drugs to make Charles look better.

William didn’t want to go to Harry’s bachelor party, but the Queen made him. Harry went to William’s bachelor party.

He says William and Kate encouraged him to wear a Nazi costume.

In 2005, Prince Harry wore a Nazi costume to a party. The party was a “native and colonial” costume party. He asked his brother and Kate what to wear, and they picked the Nazi costume. It could have been better.

Harry Reveals How Many People He Killed While Serving in Afghanistan

One of Harry’s new book’s more controversial topics is his military time. He talks about killing 25 Taliban fighters in Afghanistan. He says, “It wasn’t enough.” But it didn’t make me feel ashamed. He says the military made him see enemies as less than human.

This has upset military officials in the UK and a Taliban militant, who called it a war crime. Military officials said Harry’s words could lead to revenge.

In his new book, Prince Harry talks about how his mother’s death has affected him. He also visited a psychic in California.

He looked into her death and went back to that Paris tunnel.

Harry says in his book that it took him a long time to accept that his mother died. It’s not surprising that he looked into it himself. 

He also asked his driver to take him to the tunnel in Paris and drive over the bump that caused his mother’s car to wreck. 

Meghan and her father’s side of the family don’t get along. However, she has a problematic relationship with her nieces, even though she wasn’t invited to Meghan and Harry’s wedding. Ashleigh Hale is Meghan’s half-sister. She’s criticized Meghan in tabloids. The Palace told Meghan not to ask Ashleigh.

Meghan Blames Media for Tensions With Father

Meghan’s letter to her father was a big story in the tabloids. She blames the media for the rift between her and her father. She says they were close until he started criticizing the royal family. They tried to stop it. Meghan asked the Queen for advice. She was told to write him a letter.

The Prince had panic attacks when he gave speeches. It’s strange that a royal would be afraid of public speaking, but they’re people, too. Harry said he hated giving speeches. Some made him feel faint. 

The Young Prince Almost Didn’t Walk With the Progression at Diana’s Funeral

In his book, Harry writes that the iconic walk he, his brother, and the rest of his family took behind the coffin at Princess Diana’s funeral almost turned out differently. They thought they’d leave Harry out because he was the youngest, and they didn’t want to stress him. Harry walked. He wanted to.

Harry’s friends are celebrities, so it’s interesting to think of him at Hollywood parties. He’s joked about watching Friends, specifically “The One With Monica and Chandler’s Wedding.” He says he met Batman at Courtney Cox’s house in 2016. That’s a great way to be described by a prince. Some think he meant Will Arnett, who voiced Batman in The Lego Batman Movie. Arnett said he knows Prince Harry.