A video of a bear approaching a woman at a bus stop in Canada has sparked calls for people to be careful around bears.

The video shows the encounter. Photographer Natalie Wannamaker shared a TikTok of the bear on TikTok. It has been viewed 3.2 million times.

It shows the dangers black bears pose and how to deal with them. The video was filmed in British Columbia, Canada. Watch it here.

In the video, a black bear approaches an unnamed woman at a bus stop. The woman edges from the bear as it sniffs her, but she doesn’t try to scare it away.

She looks at someone nearby. A voice is heard before the bear moves away and sniffs a nearby garbage bin.

Another voice tells the woman to “chill” as the bear approaches the bin. The bear leaves, and the woman, considered Wannamaker, says it’s better to talk to the bear.

The Humane Society of the United States says staying calm when you see a black bear is essential. The bear is probably more scared of you than you are of it.

Black bears rarely attack people. Most can be scared away. They say to stand and face the bear directly, making yourself look big by spreading your arms and legs or using a coat.

Make as much noise as possible by shouting, using pots and pans, etc. “If a black bear attacks, fight back,” they said.

Wannamaker backed the idea that the bear was drawn to the garbage can. “Don’t leave garbage around so bears don’t come to populated areas,” she wrote.

SnowyBee39 praised Wannamaker for handling the situation well.

“You handle that well,” they wrote. “I work with bears and biologists who study them!” Wannamaker replied.

Nicucastravet was impressed by the woman’s calm. “She’s way too calm,” he said.

People debated how others would have handled the situation. Kevin Lowe jokes: “I would’ve put it thinking it was a good boy,” said Jodee07. “I’d hug the bear if it came close. “Yes, I know I’d die.”

One viewer, Christena Rose, said it wasn’t funny and urged people to stay vigilant. “Black bears can be dangerous,” she warned. “Be careful.”