The nurse turned to the doctor and showed them a scan. Everyone was excited to see the result, but the nurse still needed to give it to them. She was shocked and couldn’t speak. Everyone was worried and wanted to know.

They called to her, and she freaked out. The doctor saw the scans and understood why the nurse was shocked. 

Rob and Shelley Wall were a happy couple. They lived in Cumbria, northwest England. They had two daughters and were delighted. They already had a happy family. What more could they want?

They decided to have another child. Shelley got pregnant. 

The couple already had two daughters and wanted a son. Rob wants to connect with a son through football, but his daughters don’t care. But when they got to the doctor’s office, it changed.

The next doctor’s visit was terrible. The boy Shelley raised had a brain problem. He only had 2% of his brain, which would cause problems. The news made the couple think about what to do.

They knew the child would have problems. 

Shelley and Rob were devastated. They knew their child would have a worse life. The doctor told them what kind of life the boy would have. Noah had no brain and spina bifida. This meant his spine wasn’t forming right.

The doctor said the next option was abortion. This would be a hard decision for any mother. 

Maybe they would have had an abortion when they were younger. It would have been easier, but they’re not that type of person. After having their daughters, they knew they would love their child. She was told to have an abortion five times.

Shelley was sure. She survived the pregnancy. The couple prayed their child would be substantial.

On March 6, 2012, Noah was born via C-section. Shelley knew what to expect. 

There were 12 doctors in the operating room, but when Noah was born, they got a sign. They didn’t expect Noah to be born this way, but he did more than they expected. He was born healthy, and the delivery was easy.

Noah cried when he was born. A doctor put a drain in Noah’s skull to drain the fluid. His parents waited to see how he developed.

Noah cried at birth. He only had 2% of his brain, so he shouldn’t have reacted much, but he did. He’s a fighter. He was ready for the next phase.  

Noah proliferated. Before he was born, doctors said he would have special needs. Yet he was only three and seemed like most kids. He knew what was going on, was bright, and started talking. He needed to see the doctor again.

Noah collected leaves, but his parents wanted to know what his brain looked like. They did another scan. The nurse returned from the next room with the scans and looked shocked. “You won’t believe this,” she said. The nurse was excited to share the unusual news.

Noah was expected to progress slower than other children, so seeing him leap and bound from an early age was shocking. The scan and review results surprised everyone, and there was no scientific explanation.  

Shelley and Rob were shocked by the doctor’s news. The doctor’s scan was shocking. Noah, born with only 2% of his brain, now has over 80%. He had grown his brain back. It was a medical miracle. But how?

They’re trying to explain how Noah’s brain developed. Could this explain why he could move parts of his body that were paralyzed after birth? The doctors didn’t want to focus on that, but it interested them. With a growing brain, they didn’t want to rule anything out.

Doctors knew Noah had more to come. Monitoring his progress helps other children with the same illness. The shunt can be used later if needed.  

Noah’s parents and his older sister, Steph, are close. They keep his brain active to help him grow. His family calls this “brain training.” Brain training helps maintain and improve cognitive skills through regular activities.

Brain training helps our brains work properly. Noah’s brain training is fun. His brain has grown 80%. What will he achieve after this training?  

Noah could count to ten, read, and speak when he was four. He can write. He’s already done things no one thought he could do. Noah wants to be a firefighter. Doctors didn’t know he could speak. It was a medical miracle.

It was a big step for Noah. Doctors said he wouldn’t improve, and they knew he would face challenges, but he proved them wrong.

Thanks to Noah’s family and the doctors, he has a bright future ahead. Doctors now view underdeveloped brains differently, especially since Noah had only 2% of his brain at birth.  

Noah’s story is a story of hope. They wanted to build a future with their family and celebrate Noah’s life.