Before Meghan Markle married Prince Harry and became Meghan, Duchess of Sussex, she starred in USA Network’s lawyer drama Suits. Markle’s character, Rachel Zane, was pulled from the series so she could focus on her relationship. While it’s unclear if Markle will return to acting after leaving the royal family, she has stated that she intends to stay behind the camera rather than return to acting. This may also be good for Harry, who admitted he was left with a wrong impression of Markle’s work in the Suits series – especially one of the sexiest scenes. 

In his memoir, Spare, Harry revealed that he was extremely shocked by one sex scene he decided to watch. It’s probably about the scene in the archives between Patrick J. Adams (Mike Ross) and Markle’s character in episode 16 of Suits season 2, “War,” after Mike – an intelligent but crook practicing law without the necessary education – tells Rachel that he never actually went to Harvard.

” By mistake, I googled and watched some of her love scenes online,” Harry says (via E! Online). “I saw her and her cast mate beating each other up in some office or conference room. I would have needed electroshock therapy to get those images out of my head. I didn’t need to see it all in person.”

Harry wasn’t the only one who saw Markle in the Suits series.

Harry is far from the only member of the British royal family to have watched Meghan Markle in the Suits series. He also wrote in Spare magazine that his brother, Prince William, and William’s wife, Princess Catherine, were such big fans of the series that William even swore at him in shock when he revealed his relationship with Markle to them. 

“Great,” I thought, laughing. ‘I was worried about the wrong thing,’ Harry described the scenario (via Harper’s Bazaar). “I kept thinking Willie and Kate wouldn’t accept Meg into the family, and now I had to worry about them hitting on her for an autograph.”

According to Harry, the first encounter between William and Markle didn’t start because the former was intimidated by the latter’s attempt to hug him. However, it was due to a cultural clash when William was expecting a more formal meeting, and presumably unrelated to the fact that he probably saw the same scene that freaked Harry out so much.

Markle has her least favorite moment in Suits.


A hot scene from the second season of “Suits” may have been hard on Prince Harry, but Meghan Markle and Patrick J. Adams also had a tough time during filming. In a 2013 interview with Larry King (via Express), Adams noted that the scene was highly intimidating for both of them. “We were scared; we’d never done anything like that before,” he said. “It’s not only a hot scene in the document room that would scare anyone, but it’s also the culmination of many emotional events on the show.”

However, that scene is far from Markle’s favorite moment in “Suits.” In season four, she hated Rachel Zane’s storyline, during which the character created drama by kissing Logan Sanders (Brendan Hines) despite being in a relationship with Mike. However, it wasn’t enough that she was personally uncomfortable with that particular storyline. This storyline, which became a creepy prologue to the many criticisms of her after her marriage to Harry, also made her personally a prime target for the wrath of Suits fans.