It is common for entire families to be in the public eye in the Hollywood industry.

From the Beckhams and the Kardashians to Susan Sarandon and her daughter or Catherine Zeta-Jones and her daughter, it is evident that the adage “the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree” is particularly applicable to several celebrities, including Billie Eilish.

After the revelation that the 22-year-old singer of the song “Ocean Eyes” has a famous mother who made a cameo appearance in a popular 1990s television program, fans of the singer have been left in complete shock.

Billie’s mother, Maggie Baird, appeared in perhaps the most well-loved sitcom ever, “Friends,” in 1999.

In the episode of Friends titled “The One Where Joey Loses His Audience,” Maggie portrays Casting Director 2, while Joey Tribbiani (Matt LeBlanc) auditions in front of her.

The scene depicts Joey’s unfortunate loss of a role that would have provided him with the necessary income to cover the costs of his medical care due to a painful hernia.

The pain prevents him from lifting the product, so he suggests an alternative. “Or I could simply indicate it.” The brand name in question is Purina One. “Today, I will indicate the presence of a receptacle by pointing to it.”

The video has since been reposted on numerous social media platforms, with many followers of both the television program and the singer expressing their astonishment at the unexpected convergence of these two elements.

This prompts the question of whether this constitutes a new area of discussion.

In a recent development, Billie shared with her fans a rare insight into her relationship with her former boyfriend, Jesse Rutherford, 33, amidst allegations of infidelity.

In an interview with Rolling Stone, the artist known for the song “Lunch” confirmed that she and the lead singer of the band The Neighbourhood, Jesse Rutherford, maintain amicable relations.

“That’s my guy, truly one of my favorite people in the world,” she said.

Regarding her current relationship status, Billie stated, “I intend to remain single indefinitely.” This is not accurate.

“However, I foresee myself entering into a serious relationship once I find a partner with whom I am truly compatible. Currently, that is not the case.”