According to a recent claim, in a video from the past, Phillip Schofield joked about “getting away” with things with his younger lover.

The former national treasure has been the subject of considerable media attention in recent days following his admission of an extramarital affair. According to Phillip, he had an “unwise but not illegal” sexual relationship with a younger member of the ITV staff.

Moreover, an old video of the pair was made public. It was filmed while the unnamed man, now in his twenties, was employed at ITV.

A video of Phillip Schofield with his romantic partner has emerged. The footage, filmed in 2014 and obtained by the Daily Mail, depicts the pair engaged in lighthearted banter. At the time, the individual in question was employed as an ITV production assistant.

In discussing Phillip’s lengthy career, the 61-year-old humorously remarked that he “can’t find a way out” of presenting “This Morning. The video then transitions to the subject’s romantic partner inquiring about their three-year plans. In response to a question about his experience working on the show, Phillip replied: “If I am still able to circumvent the consequences of my actions, I will be gratified.”

“There you go, watch out,” says Phillip’s lover.

The video concluded with the young employee and Holly Willoughby seated on the renowned sofa.

He inquired of Holly about her assessment of his presenting abilities, to which she replied: “Indeed, that was quite an impressive performance.” “It would be prudent to avoid becoming too comfortable in this position, as Phil may become aware of your presence and initiate a confrontation.”

The production assistant then jested, “There you have it, Schofe. Be on your guard.” Phillip, who was present, responded in kind, “Hey, you [bleep]!”

The recent revelations regarding Phillip Schofield have caused a significant uproar within the entertainment industry. Eamonn Holmes has accused four senior network executives of being aware of their presenter’s misbehavior. Moreover, there have been suggestions that the ITV show may be canceled. Additionally, Holly has expressed her distress over the matter.

Recently, further details have emerged regarding the circumstances under which Phillip and his unnamed romantic partner, now in their mid-twenties, first became acquainted.

In a statement released on Friday, May 26, Phillip Schofield acknowledged a romantic involvement with a younger partner. “I did engage in a consensual, on-off relationship with a younger male colleague at This Morning.”

Contrary to speculation, the relationship between the two individuals in question commenced when the man was a teenager, and the presenter was asked to assist him in gaining employment in the television industry. Only after he began work on the show did their relationship evolve from mere friendship to something more intimate. The relationship was unwise but not illegal. The relationship has now concluded.

According to a report from MailOnline, Phillip Schofield met his future colleague when he was 15. The two first met while Schofield was talking at a theater school. It is alleged that the relatives of his future colleague invited him to deliver a talk at the theatre above the school.

The schoolboy requested employment from the veteran television personality, and Phillip facilitated an interview. Subsequently, at the age of 18, he assumed the role of an ITV production assistant.

Additionally, the publication indicated that the affair commenced after the individual began employment at ITV. This occurred when Phillip was in his early fifties when he married Stephanie Lowe.