The insects are out in full force as soon as the weather gets warm and humid. As a homeowner living in a private home, you are probably very familiar with how quickly your yard can become overrun with various pests. When summer comes around, all the mosquitoes in the neighborhood are in your yard, too. If you or someone in your family falls prey to mosquitoes every year, you may wonder if you attract mosquitoes for any particular reason. Are mosquitoes attracted to a specific blood type? 

Does your blood type matter?  

Believe it or not, mosquitoes choose their prey based on many factors. Surprisingly, your blood type may be one factor in deciding who will be their next meal. 

Scientists have shown that mosquitoes are twice as likely to bite people with blood type O than those with blood type A, B, or AB. Although no one knows precisely why this happens, it is likely because blood type O contains the most proteins that mosquitoes can use as food. 

In addition, some scientists have also found that about 85% of people secrete a chemical signal through the skin that advertises our blood type to mosquitoes. This could mean a lot of trouble in the summer for those unlucky enough to excrete this chemical and blood type O. 

The good news is that there are steps you can take to minimize the mosquito population around your home and yard. 

Tips on how to get rid of mosquitoes. 

1. Never leave open food or drinks outside. Sweet beverages and beer attract not only mosquitoes but also various other insects.  

2. Trim your trees and mow your grass on time. If your area is as neat and without tangled vegetation as possible, mosquitoes and other insects will have fewer places to hide. 

3. Clean up all standing water around the house and yard. This includes cleaning up tools and debris, drying lawn furniture, and draining water from bird baths regularly. Mosquitoes can nest in just one inch of standing water. 

4. Plant grasses and shrubs that repel mosquitoes. Mosquitoes usually shun plants such as citronella, catnip, lavender, basil, melissa, marigold, peppermint, and eucalyptus, so growing any of these around your home can deter the mosquito population. 

Are you still having trouble controlling mosquitoes? 

While the above tips can help reduce your mosquito problem, they won’t eliminate it. Contact Mosquitonix Alabama today and let us help you rid your home and yard of mosquitoes all season long.