The United States has had forty-six different presidents over the nearly two hundred and fifty years of its existence. Some are remembered fondly, others not so much, and even fewer are not remembered at all. Not all presidents were equally suited to occupy the Oval Office. Here are some U.S. presidents and their IQ levels. 

While it is unfair to call any president geniuses, they were all reasonably intelligent.  

George W. Bush, Jr. – 138.5 

George H.W. Bush has a reputation as potentially the dumbest president in U.S. history. This is partially true since he was not an exceptionally skilled orator. Nevertheless, he has the second lowest IQ on this list, 138.5. Anyway, keep in mind that this is slightly above average. 

Andrew Johnson – 138.9 

Andrew Johnson was the president who succeeded Lincoln after his assassination. With an IQ of 138.9, he tried to bring the seceding states back into the Union. However, because he did not protect formerly enslaved people, his actions came under fire from Congress. As a result, he became the first president to be impeached. 

Zachary Taylor – 139.8 

Zachary Taylor’s IQ was 139.8. Although he may not have been the most influential president, he was still considered a war hero who fought in the Mexican-American War. He earned the nickname “Old Rough and Ready” for his exploits. 

Warren G. Harding – 139.9 

Warren G. Harding’s IQ was 139.9. His presidential term was cut short by a fatal heart attack in his third year in office. Although he was one of the most popular presidents before his death, several scandals were also uncovered after his death. He is now one of the least remembered presidents. 

George Washington – 140 

George Washington’s IQ was 140. Not the highest on this list, but the precedent he set during his administration includes some things presidents still follow today. He was undoubtedly intelligent in his way. 

Lyndon B. Johnson – 140.6 

Lyndon B. Johnson had an IQ of 140.6. He famously assumed the presidency after John F. Kennedy’s assassination in 1963. Although the U.S. buildup in Vietnam was one of his more adverse actions, he was also the president who signed the Civil Rights Act of 1964. 

Ronald Reagan – 141.9 

Ronald Reagan’s IQ was 141.9. Most people either hate or love him because of his actions during the Cold War. Nevertheless, he had an average presidential IQ. 

Richard Nixon – 142.9 

Richard Nixon’s IQ was 142.9. Although he is one of the most controversial presidents ever, he is not one of the dumbest. After all, he had the good sense to step down as president after the Watergate scandal. 

George H.W. Bush – 143 

George W. Bush Sr. had an IQ of 143. He was close to the average presidential IQ. He gained a reputation for not being the brightest bulb. Although he was a controversial figure, he certainly wasn’t dumb. 

Grover Cleveland’s IQ was 144. It’s close to being in the top half of the presidential IQ, but not quite there. He wasn’t a particularly outstanding president, but he could have done better at his job. He was also the only president to serve more than one term in a row, being both the 22nd and 24th president of the United States. 

Andrew Jackson – 145. 

In the middle of the presidential IQ, Andrew Jackson’s IQ was 145. Jackson believed in trusting the commoner to make the right decision. 

Dwight Eisenhower – 145.1 

Dwight Eisenhower’s IQ was 145.1, barely ahead of Jackson’s. He is the one to thank for the interstate highways. With him, traveling across the country would be much easier than it is today. 

Barack Obama – ??? 

Barack Obama was a constitutional scholar and author of two best-selling books before he ran for president. His work as a senator, in particular, made him even more attractive for the position. It is difficult to dispute that Obama was intelligent, although a reputable source has yet to reveal his IQ. 

Donald Trump – 73 (?)

U.S. President Donald Trump’s IQ has been the subject of speculation since the early days of the 2016 presidential election. During that campaign, for example, we investigated the false rumor that Trump had the second-highest IQ (156) of any president in U.S. history. In May 2019, we encountered a story claiming the opposite: that Trump’s IQ is a paltry 73 (which places him in the “well below average” category). 

Joe Biden – ??? 

Joe Biden is the current president of the United States. As Obama’s former vice president, he seemed desirable for the role, but since then, he has struggled to make anyone happy. We have yet to determine his IQ, and it might be hard to see how he compares to other presidents.