Princess Margaret and Peter Townsend. 

Edward VIII was not the only monarch to fall in love with a married woman. Princess Margaret, the younger sister of Queen Elizabeth II, fell in love with Peter Townsend, a married man who was sixteen years older than her. It is known that he even divorced his wife and became engaged to the princess. Due to the strict Church of England doctrine on remarriage after the divorce, the couple went their separate ways. 

Princess Margaret and Anthony Armstrong-Jones. 

A few years after breaking off her engagement to Peter Townsend, Princess Margaret, she married photographer Anthony Armstrong-Jones. Their relationship was not smooth, with both allegedly cheating on each other frequently. They divorced in 1976 after publishing lewd photographs of Margaret with a young man in the Caribbean. 


A few months after the Squidget call leak scandal, the royal family was rocked by another leak of a private phone conversation, this time between Prince Charles and his longtime lover Camilla Parker Bowles, who were married to other people at the time. An Australian magazine published the text of the conversation between the two, which caused another scandal because of the intimate nature of the conversation. 

Princess Diana’s BBC interview. 

If there was any hope of reconciling the marriage of the Prince and Princess of Wales, it was hopelessly dashed in 1995 after Princess Diana gave a shocking solo television interview to Martin Bashir on the BBC. She talked about Charles and Camilla, her adulterous affairs, and how she had to live in society. The following year, the royal family divorced. 

Princess Anne and Timothy Lawrence. 

In 1989, the married Princess Anne began a relationship with Timothy Lawrence, an officer in the British Navy and one of the Queen’s staff. Their relationship came to light after a British tabloid obtained copies of stolen letters between the two. Anne divorced her husband in 1992 and married Lawrence the same year. 

Prince Harry’s Nazi armband. 

In 2005, the Duke of Sussex (then known as Prince Harry) had a well-deserved reputation as a wild royal child with his lewd behavior at parties. However, it was a shock when photos leaked to the press showed him at a costume party wearing a swastika armband. He released a statement apologizing for the insult.