Famous reality TV star Kim Kardashian deleted photos from her Instagram profile after many of her fans noticed an irregularity with her underwear. 

Kim posted a series of retro photos, but fans quickly pointed out her underwear was see-through. 

The 42-year-old singer shared a photo of her sitting on a white couch beside her pal. 

Kim wore her straight blonde hair in a “poker” style and looked away, appearing to be in a deep conversation. 

She had makeup on her face using nude lipstick and eye shadow. 

Kardashian wore a green jumpsuit that exposed her back and had long transparent sleeves. Kim told her midsection in the top and wore a matching pencil skirt. 

The skirt had a large slit in the front, exposing her tanned legs and Skim’s lingerie, which quickly caught the eye of fans. 

Kim deleted the photo shortly after posting it, but gawky fans rushed to Reddit to discuss the Kardashian sister’s closet blunder. 

One fan wrote: “She’s working those Skims, y’all,” in the enlarged photo of her leg. 

Another said: “Hahaha, you can see the stretchy underwear peeking through on her leg!”. 

Kim’s snaps come after the reality star recently showed off her new hairstyle. 

Kim’s brand Skims makes corrective clothing and underwear 

The Kardashian sister took to Instagram to show off her new curls, and fans noticed she looked eerily similar to her sister Kourtney. 

Kim looked unrecognizable as she wore a long bob that resembled her sister’s favorite hairstyle. 

In the selfies, Kim applied makeup all over her face and showed off her flawless complexion by using eyeshadow to accentuate Kim’s natural beauty. 

Kim laid on white bedding, holding her camera in the air for the shot, which captured her in a black robe with a revealing cleavage. 

Kardashian also showed off her hourglass figure in a black bandeau and tracksuit to promote her new clothing line Skims.