Meghan Markle’s ex-girlfriend has praised the Sussexes for their charity work but advised them to do good things off camera. 

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex, whose HRH titles were recently removed from the royal family’s website this week, have received renewed criticism for needing to document all the good deeds they do constantly. 

Instead, Meghan’s former friend, TV host Lizzie Cundey, called their six-episode documentary series on Netflix a “publicity stunt” and advised the couple to stop filming their lives and putting it all on display. 

Kandi, who met Meghan at a dinner in 2013 but, as we know, their friendship was short-lived, is urging the Sussexes to continue doing charity work behind closed doors rather than filming it all. 

“Look, I’m going, to be honest with Meghan and Harry. I knew Meghan before she got together with Harry,” Kandi told the Daily Star. 

The woman said she thinks it’s great that they’re doing charity work, but she thinks it’s embarrassing to do it in front of a camera crew. 

Kandi called their six-episode documentary series on Netflix a “publicity stunt” and urged the couple to stop filming their charity work. 

“They haven’t been seen together in a long time, and I just think it’s – how do you say – a publicity stunt, maybe?” 

Kandi then shared the advice she was given by music mogul Simon Cowell, who once told her, “Be real because viewers see right through it.” 

The woman previously told GB News about her first meeting Meghan at a charity dinner ten years ago, which led to their friendship. 

‘I’d been friends with Meghan for a while and hit it off,’ Kandi said in March. 

“I was asked by a friend to watch her at a charity event, and I was like, ‘Who is this woman?’ No one knew who she was.” 

However, their relationship soon fell apart, and they no longer socialize. 

This comes after Harry and Meghan were subjected to a “brutal reality check” when their HRH titles were removed from the internet. 

The titles of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex have been removed from the royal family’s website, and Harry is now referred to simply as “Duke,” according to a report by a prominent publication. 

Although Buckingham Palace said the changes were purely business, royal affairs expert Richard Kay called the move “cruel.” 

In an interview with the Mail newspaper, Kay said: The prince’s arrival in the Far East has coincided with a brutal reality check by Buckingham Palace over his status – and that of his wife Meghan – in the new-look royal family for a reason.