A 17-year-old Sheffield student has wowed the internet with a viral Twitter post about her eight-year-old parrot Barney, who has an incredible northern accent.

After watching viral parrot videos with her brother, Katie Bullimore acquired Barney in February 2010. ” We were fascinated by the very idea,” she says. ” As a result, we wanted to get a parrot like that – we hoped it would have a strong voice.” And that wish came true.

The student began posting a series of videos on Twitter on June 2 in which Barney utters various phrases or performs hilarious random actions. For example, one shows him biting himself and saying, “No, no. Stop it.”

Bullimore says that one of her favorite Barney traits is that when she comes down the stairs in the morning, he greets her with a very northern-sounding, “Are you okay, honey?” she says.

“Another funny thing is when he poops, he says ‘stinky bum’ or ‘dirty loon,'” Bullimore adds. ” And he also likes to roll around on the floor with a basin.”

Someone get these guys on TV ( in the meantime, watch some of the jokes below).