Recall that he looked virtually unrecognizable last month after a significant weight loss.

And Chaz Bono is continuing to lose weight.

When Sonny and Cher’s son was spotted in Los Angeles on Tuesday, he looked even more trim.

He was wearing a black T-shirt, suede brogues, and gray jeans that had been washed to a shine.

Chaz had a gray hoodie tied around his waist, a red trucker’s cap, and aviator sunglasses on his head.

Chaz doesn’t mind being a star: he was spotted leaving an acting class.

The famous offspring has previously appeared as a staff writer for The Advocate magazine and briefly played in the band Ceremony.

Chaz was pleased with his weight loss in May, though he’s apparently shed many more pounds since then.

The former Dancing With The Stars contestant told People that losing weight has changed his life and health.

Chaz said: “I’ve just become much more confident in myself, which is great. And I like what I see in the mirror.”

Physically, my body feels much better, so I feel less discomfort when exercising and doing physical activities. All my vitals are normal now, which is excellent – blood pressure, cholesterol levels.”

His mother, Cher, recently admitted that she “had a tough time” coming to terms with Chaz’s gender reassignment.

She said to the Sunday Times Magazine: ” At first, when Chaz came to me and said: “This is what I want to do”, it wasn’t easy for me. Then I said, ‘Well if you’re unhappy, you have to do it’.”

The 67-year-old woman added: ” But when it started happening, you know, it’s a strange change for a mother. It was difficult, but now I don’t think about it as much.”