The birthday of one of the most celebrities is celebrated today, April 18. Officially, Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes’s daughter Suri Cruise has turned 17 years old. She led a very private life, but there has been more information about the teenager in recent years.

Suri wants to study fashion.

When applying to college, Suri shows an interest in fashion. The Daily Mail reports that she is “applying to various schools” in March. But her mom, Katie, reportedly wants her to stay in New York so they can be close to each other. “Katie is very proud of her, but at the same time overprotective,” the source said.

Tom Cruise is not a part of her life.

There have been rumors for years that the “Top Gun” star is no longer a part of Suri’s life because of his ties to Scientology. According to the Daily Mail in March, he has stopped being a part of Suri’s life since 2013, a year after his divorce from Katy. “Suri doesn’t know her dad anymore and hasn’t spent time with him in a decade,” the insider said. “She doesn’t go to his movies, and he plays no role in her life.” That said, he does support her economically. TMZ reported that after the divorce, he will pay $400,000 a month in alimony until Suri turns 18.

She is a singer.

Suri made her movie debut as a singer, singing “Blue Moon” in Katy’s Alone Together. She also sings in the movie Rare Objects. Katy told Glamour, “I hope she’ll always be in my movies. And I always ask her to do that.” “It comes out of love for someone I love very much. I love working like this. I want to have that kind of feeling. I needed to have her around because she is my heart.”