Famous people have lost so much weight that they look fantastic. How did they do it?

Rebel Wilson – 40 pounds – followed the Mayr method

Rebel Wilson has one of the most potent weight loss stories among all Hollywood stars. The girl wanted to lose weight and be healthy, but it did not work out. To fulfill her most crucial role as fat Amy in Pitch Perfect, she needed to stay the same size as when she auditioned.

Once the filming of all three movies was over, she was determined to reach a weight of 165 pounds. She has declared 2020 as the year of health and has already lost 40 kg. The basic principle of her diet is to avoid snacks, gluten, and dairy products and to eat breakfast rather than dinner. She also exercises five days a week.

Ashley Johnston – 183 pounds – participates in The Biggest Loser program.

Although Ashley Johnston never became the winner of The Biggest Loser, by participating in its 9th season, she learned some important life lessons and lost a significant amount of weight. Thanks to the skills she learned on the show, the runner-up contestant that season could maintain the 183 pounds she lost.

One of the things that changed the most was her way of thinking. She has changed her perspective on working hard to lose weight. Currently, Johnston is no longer chasing a quick fix and has developed exercise and nutrition habits that always allow her to stay fit and healthy.

Jonah Hill – weight loss undisclosed – sticking to a diet and going to the gym

At one time, Jonah Hill was the fat guy in his movies. He was nominated for an Oscar in The Wolf of Wall Street, being at his heaviest weight. Still, he never liked being overweight, and for most of his life, he struggled with his fluctuations.

After gaining weight for his role in the movie “War Dogs,” he turned to his “21 Jump Street” co-star Channing Tatum for advice on how to lose weight. On Channing Tatum’s advice, he switched to a proper diet and started working out at the gym with a personal trainer. Hill has managed to maintain his habits, although he still drinks beer occasionally.

Adele is 100 pounds – exercise and diet Sirtfood.

At one time, there was a joke that if singer and songwriter Adele lost a few pounds, she would stop writing such sad songs. Well, in 2020, she showed herself new and almost unrecognizable. Adele’s weight loss is blamed on the Sirtfood diet.

It is a calorie-restricted diet based on eating Sirtfood-approved foods and Sirtfood juice. The diet consists of several stages in which weaning from a new eating habit occurs. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Adele was forced to postpone work on her latest album. The 32-year-old star has yet to release new music since 2015.

Chrissy Metz – 100 pounds – limited calorie intake

In the popular TV series This Is Us, Chrissy Metz plays 30-year-old Kate, who struggles with her body image. Because of her weight and figure, Metz was deemed perfect for the role, matching the character’s aspirations. But before that, she had another part in American Horror Story: Freak Show.

Performing the role of a fat girl in a circus freak show, Metz realized that she needed to do something about her weight. She wore a fat lady costume to star in the show. As a result, Metz cut her calories down to 2,000 per day. She also took 20-minute walks every day and gradually lost 100 pounds.