Shark fishing is not a new venture for Sea Ventures Charters in Maine. However, last month, a “once-in-a-lifetime incident” occurred aboard the company’s fishing vessel when a giant mako shark jumped out of the water and plowed right onto the deck. 

The video that circulated captured the moment it happened on Aug. 27 and caused those aboard the 38-foot vessel Lady Anne to scatter. 

Sea Ventures Charters representatives wrote about the incident on Facebook, saying it was a “beautiful day” when they tagged and released the sharks. According to the company, it was at this point that “a large mako grabbed the bait.” 

Those on board initially just watched the shark jump in and out of the water, but during the last jump, it spun around and lunged violently toward the board, knocking down one person and forcing another to climb the steps to the upper deck. 

Sea Ventures Charters officials said that despite the chaos, it was a “once-in-a-lifetime experience” and that no one was injured. Ultimately, it was possible to measure, tag, and release the “amazing” shark, which the group said was a “beautiful male.” 

The sports fishing specialty company said on its website that its members measure, photograph, tag, and release sharks as part of the National Marine Fisheries Apex Predator Tagging Program. Representatives of the group said they have tagged hundreds of sharks since 1984, most of them blue sharks, which reach 12 feet and 400 pounds, and mako, which range from 200 to 800 pounds.

According to NOAA, mako can reach 13 feet, and their population level is “below target” due to overfishing. If caught, fishermen are prohibited from retaining them.