Bobby-Lee Oates was shocked when he thought he had found a mermaid corpse on the beach; this unexpected and shocking find of his provoked heated discussions on social media because users were convinced it was a mermaid. 

Visitors to the beach were shocked when they discovered the rotting remains of a mermaid. 

Bobby-Lee Oates discovered the unusual find at Keppel Sands Beach in Queensland, Australia. 

He first thought that he found the corpse of a new animal species and immediately began photographing it. 

As the pictures became apparent, the remains have a long body, thorax, and spine and are believed to be about six feet long. 

The man said that when they were driving along the beach looking for a campsite, they couldn’t help but notice that the skull resembled a human head. They instantly stopped, and it took them a long time to realize what it could be and why it looked like a human skull. 

The skull had a human shape with an elongated jaw, and the hair looked like cow or kangaroo hair, but in many places, the hair was missing due to decomposition. 

The remains found looked like a mermaid but hairy because it seemed to have a tail or some limbs – we were shocked because it looked human at first. 

When the shock of the find wore off, the man rejoiced because he thought they had found a remarkable new species of something previously unknown… 

However, the joy of the find was short-lived as he turned to Facebook to try and determine what it was. 

While some claimed it was indeed a mermaid, others said it was a dugong, a marine mammal. 

After studying the photos, an expert from the UK was able to place it in a group of mammals that includes whales, killer whales, dolphins, and porpoises. 

Rob Deeville, head of the Zoological Society of London, said it looks like a small cetacean. 

For Bobby-Lee, his find is still a mystery.