It’s one heck of a feminine trait.

Stunning feminine features can sweep many men off their feet, but a nice, firm, big butt is definitely at the top of the list – that or big breasts, depending on what kind of breasts or big butt your guy has.

It may be a cliché, but most guys love an hourglass-type figure. However, none will get turned on if a girl doesn’t show off her assets.

And a nice, firm, big, round butt means that a girl takes care of her body.

As a rule, guys know that the butt is a forbidden place. It’s usually a banned place if you know what I mean.

And that’s why a butt (especially a big one) is so attractive – because it’s forbidden territory, and they can’t have it, which makes them want it even more.

They mean higher birth rates.

Evolutionary experts suggest that men are attracted to round buttocks because they indicate a woman’s youth and fertility.

At the same time, it is scientifically proven that girls with large buttocks have wider hips. Therefore, it is easier for them to give birth. This is what subconsciously attracts guys.

It is written in their genetic code, meaning they must look for potential partners for procreation.

They serve as the perfect cushion.

A large ass serves as the perfect pillow, plus it’s much softer than the softest pillow, so it’s tough to ignore the delights of such royal comfort. Now it’s clear why guys like big butts.

They’re the perfect cuddle buddies.

When you want to snuggle up to someone, don’t you think it’s better to snuggle up and cuddle with someone soft rather than bony?

This is why men prefer to hug girls with big butts. They have a place to rest and get a good night’s sleep. It’s a paradise for their senses.

This is a sign of excellent intuition.

Individual scientists have reason to believe that emotional intelligence and butt size are related, as emotional intelligence in women develops around the same time they acquire their curves during puberty.

So why do guys like big butts? Big butts develop in women the superior social skills needed to choose a potential mate.

They’re like drugs.

In the study, scientists showed men pictures of women before and after butt enlargement surgery, watching their brains work.

They make your waist appear smaller.

Why do guys like big butts? With a big butt, any waist-to-hip ratio looks slimmer.

No matter how wide it is, if it’s proportional to a girl’s waist, it’s a win-win – both for the woman who has it and the men who look at it.

They are popular

Oversized butts are extremely popular in today’s culture. Women wearing them

are considered sex symbols and very desirable.

Therefore, it’s no wonder men like them, as they constantly surround them.