For some history buffs, learning about the past was fascinating, but those school lessons could be a horror for others. Just seeing a history textbook was enough to put you to sleep! However, thanks to these exciting photos, we’ve resent the curriculum repeatedly. Why? Lessons don’t have to be so dull, and these photos, which give a glimpse into the wild past of our world, prove it. So, get ready to see historical moments as you’ve never seen them before.

Robin Williams dressed as a Denver Broncos cheerleader in 1979

Only a few people know that Robin Williams was the first male cheerleader for the Denver Broncos. Admittedly, he held the position briefly, and in 1979, he wore a uniform to a game. He appeared as Mork from the then-popular TV series “Mork and Mindy.” In this photo, he is pictured at the game the Broncos won against the New England Patriots. 

Heath Ledger, shortly before his death

Even before his performance as the Joker, he was a genuinely iconic actor, a role from which he soon passed away. When the young Australian suffered a drug overdose and was found in his apartment, he was only 28. He was also at the peak of his career, so his death in 2008 shocked many. This rare photo shows the actor still in his makeup from The Dark Knight.

Mary Ann Bevan, winner of Ugliest Woman

Things were very different back then; this photo is an excellent example. The girl pictured was Mary Ann Bevan, who won the “Ugliest Woman” title in 1914. After her husband passed away a few years before these photos appeared, she began suffering from a sporadic disease that caused her cheekbones to enlarge. To support her children, she began working in shows in Coney Island and at the Ringling Brothers Circus.

She was gone in 1933, but not before providing care for her children by working a demeaning job. 

Patrick Swayze at home in a dragon costume

Patrick Swayze was one of the leading male actors of his time when he decided to take a risk and star in a very different kind of movie. The actor, who had to lock himself and his wife in a secluded place to avoid being attacked by women, played a drag queen in the 1995 movie To Wong Foo. It was a time when men, especially leading men, were expected to play macho roles. 

Lady Norman on her electric scooter in 1917

This 1917 photo shows Lady Norman getting around on a scooter long before it became widespread in cities. Coming from the gentry, Norman was active in the women’s suffrage movement of the early 20th century. She was often seen on a scooter in the city, which may have been another way of asserting women’s independence. 

L. Women of Los Angeles in the early 1960s

This photo shows an intermediate stage of the city’s development – before Los Angeles was as developed as it is today, but even then, it was already a place of glamor and style. It shows women out shopping in the city in the early 60s. The footage was originally black and white, but it was later colored, and that is perhaps the most fantastic thing about the photo. The women are wearing clothes that could be worn today, not looking out of place. Fashion is indeed cyclical. 

San Francisco in 1964

A snapshot of San Francisco in 1964 is simply unique. It’s a city known for its steep slopes, but this photo takes it to another level. After getting this photo, people started comparing it to scenes from Inception, in which the cityscapes curve and twist. However, this photo is the real deal, showing a famous street in the city. 

Leonardo DiCaprio and Tobey Maguire in 1989

It’s not just two kids who are pictured here bowling. These are young Leonardo DiCaprio and Tobey Maguire. They were both trying to become child actors in 1980s Los Angeles and as it turns out, they succeeded. Still, we doubt anyone could have guessed how great these two would be 20 or 30 years after this photo was taken.