Donald Trump’s bizarre remarks to his daughter Ivanka about breast implants from her modeling career have resurfaced as she prepares to testify in her father’s $250 million fraud trial.

Before becoming an integral part of her father’s business and one of his most trusted political advisors, Ivanka Trump followed in her mother Ivana’s footsteps and attempted a modeling career.

And now, as she prepares to appear in a New York court in Donald’s infamous $250 million fraud lawsuit, a chilling account of the former president’s bizarre and disgusting request for his daughter has surfaced.

Donald wanted Ivanka to go into modeling and get breast implants to improve her looks and take her modeling career to new heights.

In a groundbreaking piece published by Vanity Fair senior reporter Emily Jane Fox in 2018 – just a year after the former president’s inglorious reign began – she writes that “Donald wanted this for her, to the point where he suggested to friends that breast implants could help her do it.”

As Maryann told Fox TV, those friends did try to talk the real estate mogul out of it, but they had little success, as Donald acted as the devil’s advocate the entire time.

Whether the surgery was performed on Ivanka, now 36, remains a mystery. Still, Donald’s remarks about his daughter’s flawless figure over the decades have stood the test of time now that the Republican is in another fight for the presidency ahead of the 2024 election and finds himself buried under four felony charges as well as a fraud trial.

Over the years, he has repeatedly made lewd remarks about his daughter’s body and the potential offers she could receive if her modeling career took off. For example, in 2006, on “The View,” he spoke out about the possibility of her appearing in Playboy magazine, saying he would not be disappointed. He also said he would date her if she were not his daughter because “she has a very nice figure.”

However, Ivanka is more than her looks, and she always has been – she’s a brilliant businesswoman who served as executive vice president of development and acquisitions at the Trump Organization before becoming one of her father’s most trusted advisers in the White House after he became president in 2017.

Today, Nov. 8, Ivanka was all smiles as she entered a courtroom in New York City where her father is accused of inflating the value of his financial assets, including numerous properties, to increase his chances of getting low-interest loans and lucrative deals. Much of the case involves shady deals that reportedly involved the Trump Organization, including Ivanka and her brothers, Donald Jr. and Eric.

However, the charges against Ivanka were dropped as her lawyers cited the statute of limitations had expired. Everything that happened after February 2016 remained in effect. Still, because she held a position in her father’s cabinet, she was not involved in the alleged transactions for which Donald is now charged.

Ivanka, however, remains familiar with the inner workings of the Trump Organization and maintains close ties to some of its executives. She also owns real estate in Manhattan and was the originator of several loans that Donald is accused of obtaining through shady deals, such as a loan for a hotel in Washington, D.C., a Doral golf course in Miami connected to his infamous Mar-a-Lago estate, and a hotel and skyscraper in Chicago.

The Trump Organization also continues to pay for her insurance, household staff, credit card bills, apartment rent, and legal fees as she is again caught up in her father’s political and legal troubles.

However, she has defended him on other occasions, including during allegations of assaulting a 13-year-old girl, telling reporters that she knows her father better than many of the reporters.

She is not expected to defend him in court on Wednesday, as she had previously announced she was retiring from the political sphere, saying her priority was her family. She wanted to end the case so she could return to a quiet life in Florida with her husband and three young children.