In the past, my boyfriends, who felt insecure, even banned me from wearing high heels. Lizzy Groombridge, age 29, comes from Cornwall, and she shared her story about finding love despite her lofty height. Finally, I’ve found a man nearly half-a-foot shorter than me.

I found a man who could handle my height.

Lizzy Groombridge, age 29 and from Cornwall, had difficulties with previous insecure boyfriends who prohibited her from wearing high heels. But finally, she discovered a man to love who was nearly half a foot shorter than her and confident enough to accept her height.

Lizzy found her romantic partner, electrical CEO James Hitchens, age 30, through Tinder. He is 5ft 8in tall and wears a size nine shoe. James does not mind Lizzy’s height, and she is, in fact, the first woman taller than him he has ever dated.

Social media marketer Lizzy always felt insecure dating because society stigmatizes taller women and expects men to be taller. Lizzy, a size seven shoe and ten dress, had a small dating pool.

Men shorter than her refused to date someone taller due to societal expectations. However, Lizzy loves shorter men and wants them to love her for who she is, not just her height.

Being tall makes everyday tasks like shopping for clothes difficult. “Tights and clothes shopping poses a big problem for taller women; that’s why I’m developing my line,” she explained. “I often catch people staring at my feet in amazement.”

While Lizzy felt insecure about her height when she was younger, she has since learned to embrace it. “I had years where I felt insecure, but they’ve made me the person I am today, and I’ve learned to embrace them,” she explained. “They’ve allowed me to empower others. I often felt insecure and like I didn’t belong during my childhood. I was bullied and mistreated.

Lizzy and her partner, James, are very happy together, but they’ve sometimes experienced judgment from others. They choose to focus on positivity and ignore any hate.

“I’m the first taller woman my partner has dated,” Lizzy stated. “He openly acknowledges that many women only date taller men. On the other hand, I’ve received many positive responses. We share similar beliefs, and he accepts me for who I am.

Sometimes, we face negativity as a couple, but it usually stems from arrogance and the expectation for me to leave my boyfriend for the tallest guy around. 

I’m fortunate to attract people who genuinely respect and admire my journey. I politely decline. I enjoy assisting others.”

“Some people thank us for making something socially abnormal ‘normal,’ but height should not be a factor in love. Be yourself. We’re all built uniquely; embrace it.”